Brexit Party MP candidates compare EU leader to Hitler

Brexit Party MP candidates have compared a leading EU figure to Hitler, we can reveal.

Writing on Twitter, several Brexit Party candidates have claimed that Guy Verhofstadt, the EU’s representative in Brexit negotiations, is comparable to the Nazi leader, following a speech Verhofstadt made at the Liberal Democrat conference yesterday.


Dr. Kulvinder Singh Manik, who will stand for Nigel Farage’s party in Bradford South, shared a video which spliced the audio of Verhofstadt’s speech with a video of Hitler.

Meanwhile, Mike Greene, who stood and lost in the recent Peterborough by-election, replied to a clip of Verhofstadt’s speech and added:

It comes after the senior EU politician addressed the Liberal Democrats conference in Bournemouth. His speech argued that there is a new world order of “empires” and that it is in the interests of European member states to band together.

Somehow, however, Farage’s candidates decided that Verhofstadt’s federalist politics were akin to a genocidal dictatorship, sharing the tasteless comparison with their followers.

Brexit Party candidates have put themselves in less than esteemed company by sharing these posts. Danny Tommo, one of Tommy Robinson’s closest allies, also made a similar claim on Telegram. And Gerard Batten, the former leader of UKIP who hired Robinson as an adviser, shared the same video as Singh Manik.

And this isn’t the first time that Brexit Party candidates have used Nazi comparisons to make a point. We revealed that two Brexit Party candidates, Wendy Garcarz and Norman Nickason, have previously compared Muslims to Nazis.

Scram has also revealed numerous other abdications of public decency from those representing the Brexit Party. Despite this, Farage has remained oddly quiet on the issue.

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