Brexit Party MP candidate who called for MPs to face “execution or prison” resigns over media “scrutiny”

A Brexit Party MP candidate who backed calls for politicians and commentators to face “execution or prison” has resigned, blaming “scrutiny from journalists”.

According to messages exchanged between Rachel Warby and BBC journalist Craig Lewis, the South Northamptonshire candidate has resigned due to the media attention she has faced.


She said: “I resigned my position as PPC for South Northamptonshire 2 wks ago so no longer standing for the party… because of the scrutiny from journalists like yourself.”

This comes after Scram News revealed that Warby had responded “totally agree” to a tweet listing commentators and politicians, including Theresa May and Jo Swinson, who should “face execution or prison”.

Replying to the shocking tweet, she said: “They all should definitely be made accountable and charged accordingly by the courts for the damage they have done to our country.”

Now, Warby has resigned due to the backlash she received – making her the third Brexit Party PPC to have resigned (that we know about), after two others were outed for Islamophobia.

We have compiled all the questionable views of Brexit Party MP candidates. And to be quite honest, we’re shocked that only three have been given the boot.

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