Brexit Party MP candidate shares offensive poll asking which woman in politics people “despise” the most

A Brexit Party MP candidate has shared a misogynistic poll today, asking respondents to choose which woman in politics they “despise” the most.

Paul Bullen, who will stand in North East Cambridgeshire, retweeted the poll, created by a Brexit-supporting Twitter account. It asked people to choose between Jess Phillips, Diane Abbott, Anna Soubry and Yvette Cooper as their most hated female politician.


He did this despite growing concern about threats issued to MPs. Multiple female MPs have come forward in recent weeks to report death threats, while calling for Boris Johnson to stop using inflammatory language.

Before pledging allegiance to the Brexit Party, Bullen was the UKIP leader in Cambridge county council between 2013 and 2017. He is now running against Brexit Secretary, Steve Barclay.

And Bullen is not the only Brexit Party politician who has shared misogyny in the past. In September, two candidates shared a graphic cartoon of a man with multiple knives in his back, next to an image of Jo Swinson, claiming that she was “backstabbing” Britain.

Now, the poll shared by Bullen has caused hateful responses from Twitter keyboard warriors against female parliamentarians. Replying to it, one said “Phillips & Abbott are just as thick as mince,” while another described Labour MPs as “banshees on the opposition benches”.

One response to “Brexit Party MP candidate shares offensive poll asking which woman in politics people “despise” the most

  1. It might have something to with all 4 of the candidates standing on a soapbox spouting absolute bullshit for the last 3 years. Dianne abbot IS (objectively an idiot) Anna soubry is a holier than thou, turncoat and opportunist, jess Phillips is. Hypocrite of the highest order and yvette Cooper isn’t a democrat.
    Get off your high horse ‘mysoginistic’ 😂 I love how SJW ideology gives you an excuse to avoid criticism.

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