Brexit Party MP candidate shares climate change denial and suggests activists are “whackos”

A Brexit Party MP candidate has shared climate change denial on Twitter, and has suggested activists are “whackos”, we can reveal.

Malcolm Bint, who will be standing in East Hampshire, retweeted a number of posts denying the existence of climate change and criticising activists who seek to reverse it.


One of the posts he shared was from Bill Mitchell, the host of a Trump supporting online video channel, YourVoice America, who politely called climate activists “dumb bunny climate whackos”.

Bint also shared a comment about an Extinction Rebellion activist. The comment, by climate change denier and blogger Tom Nelson, said that the climate activist’s video “captures the extreme stupidity of most climate cultists.”

Bint, a former engineer, stood for UKIP in the 2015 General Election. Before that, he was a Conservative supporter. Now, as a candidate for the Brexit Party, he is almost single handedly ruining the facade that the Brexit Party cares about the planet, by unleashing his climate change denial on the internet.

Another post Bint shared was a video from right-wing Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts, saying: “There is no evidence anywhere in the word linking the burning of coal to climate change”.

He also retweeted a comment praising an article by John Coleman, who was an American TV weatherman and climate change sceptic. The comment called Coleman’s piece an “explanation of the damaging climate hysteria fad”.

Bint isn’t the only Brexit Party candidate to shirk science and reason with regard to the climate. This week, we revealed that Richard Milton, a conspiracy theorist who doesn’t believe in Darwinism, will stand in East Worthing and Shoreham. Milton once published an article claiming the science behind climate change is “manipulated”.

But Bint’s Twitter session did not end there. He retweeted an article implying that, because there had been early-season snow in Russia, global warming doesn’t exist.

He also shared an article written by conspiracy theorist commentator, Paul Joseph Watson.

Once again, it seems that the Brexit Party have not done their due diligence when selecting a candidate, and the radicals that Farage claimed he wanted to avoid when leaving UKIP have followed him to the Brexit Party.

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