Brexit Party MP candidate: Climate change is a “massive lie”

A Brexit Party MP candidate has called climate change “a massive lie”, it has emerged.

Responding to an interview clip of Andrew Neil and an Extinction Rebellion activist, Brexit Party PPC Jules Morgan called into question the validity of climate change, saying:


Morgan, who’s standing in North Warwickshire, is not the only person running for the Brexit Party who has flaunted their climate change denying credentials.

Richard Milton, who will stand in East Worthing and Shoreham has claimed the science behind climate change is “manipulated”, while East Hampshire hopeful Malcolm Bint has called climate activists “whackos”.

Meanwhile the leader of the party himself, Nigel Farage, has also spouted some controversial views about the climate. He has said that young people are “indoctrinated” to believe in climate change and has argued that Britain does not need to “obsess” over carbon emissions.

Now, in the midst of two weeks of action by Extinction Rebellion, Morgan has entered the ranks of Brexit Party candidates with highly questionable views – all of which we have exposed.

Yesterday, we revealed that a Brexit Party candidate who said politicians should face “execution or prison” has resigned, after her comments were reported by Scram News.

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