Brexit Party MP candidate is General Secretary of party that claims UK has been Islamised

The Brexit Party has today announced another 75 MP candidates and we have discovered that one aspiring parliamentarian has links to a party with anti-Islam policies.

Ian Gorman, the party’s new candidate for Caerphilly, still appears to be the General Secretary and Economy Spokesman of the Democracy and Veterans Party. The Brexit Party candidate is listed on their website and his Twitter account is adorned with the Democracy and Veterans branding (he last tweeted 11 days ago).


The Democracy and Veterans Party has some radical views, not least on Islam. The party manifesto claims that a “parallel legal system” has been created in the UK by Muslims who believe in Sharia Law. It claims that:

“In areas where Muslims are in the majority, Sharia patrols on evenings supersede those of our own police force, curfews for young women are imposed, and dress-codes are enforced.”

The manifesto also echoes the ideas of the ‘white replacement theory’ – suggesting we need to act to ensure that ethnic minority people don’t come to outnumber white majority populations.

The manifesto laments that “if things continue in this way in Britain there will eventually be no dominant identifiable language or culture.” Using a turn of phrase that could have been exported from the 1940s, the party commits to “promoting organic population maintenance that will rectify the present demographic imbalance.”

The white replacement theory has motivated a number of recent far-right terror attacks, including the recent El Paso shooting.

The party manifesto also claims that politicians have “sold out” to “Cultural Marxism” – an anti-Semitic narrative that has been adopted by both neo-Nazis and the far-right.

Given that Gorman was and possibly still is General Secretary of the Democracy and Veterans Party, it’s fair to assume that he endorsed and could even have helped to write some of these policies.

As an interesting aside, the Democracy and Veterans Party is led by former UKIP leadership candidate John Rees-Evans, who once claimed that a gay donkey tried to rape his horse. Bizarrely, the logo of the party features a donkey (although we’re unable to ascertain whether it is gay or not)

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