Brexit Party MP candidate calls EU politicians “feral vermin”

A Brexit Party MP candidate has launched a bizarre, foul-mouthed attack against a group of EU politicians.

It was yesterday reported that 37 British MEPs had signed a letter, asking EU Council President Donald Tusk to grant a delay to Brexit at this week’s European summit.


Responding to the news, David Blake, Brexit Party PPC for Huntingdon, called the MEPs “feral vermin” and called for them to be sent “to the tower”.

He was responding to a tweet from his colleague, Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney, who said the request was an example of “absolute treachery”.

Blake obviously decided he needed to up the ante – implying that the MEPs should be imprisoned or executed or God knows what.

There has been a debate recently about the language that is used in politics, with many female MPs reporting that accusations made by Brexiteers, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, have led to death threats.

Blake either hasn’t been following this debate too closely or, more likely, he simply doesn’t care.

Oh, and someone should probably tell both Blake and Daubney that Nigel Farage, their party leader, has publicly called on Boris to accept an extension to Brexit. Hopefully that might encourage them to bite their tongue in future.

2 responses to “Brexit Party MP candidate calls EU politicians “feral vermin”

  1. The words feral and quite probably vermin would be used be many to describe the Brexit party MEPs wasting their vote, money and behaving shamefully, Truly the nastiest of people have taken control in our country. Are they people though, or shape shifting aliens intent on global destruction? Interesting thought.

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