Brexit Party MP candidate backs calls for politicians to face “execution or prison”

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A Brexit Party MP candidate has backed calls suggesting that former Prime Ministers, politicians and journalists should be “arrested for treason” once we have left the EU and that they should face “execution or prison”.


Rachel Warby, a candidate who will stand in South Northamptonshire, responded to a tweet that said:

Commenting on the tweet, Warby said:

This is not the first time a Brexit Party candidate has appeared to endorse the death penalty for politicians. Last month, we reported that Ken Davies, who will stand in South Debyshire, once tweeted “reinstate the death penalty” in response to a video of Jeremy Corbyn.

Scram News has also uncovered instances of Islamophobia, misogyny and climate change denial among Farage’s ranks.


A helpful Twitter user urged Warby to reconsider her position, pointing out the potential for negative media coverage it could trigger. But Warby rejected this advice, replying: “They all should definitely be made accountable and charged accordingly by the courts for the damage they have done to out country.”

Meanwhile, one of the commentators mentioned in the list, Ash Sarkar, said: “It’s deeply f*cking unsettling for 1000+ angry white dudes to fantasise publicly about killing and/or imprisoning me.”

A Great Yarmouth branch of the party also retweeted the fanatical post.

If Nigel Farage believes the Brexit Party PPC’s are moderate, their behaviour on social media certainly suggests otherwise.

29 responses to “Brexit Party MP candidate backs calls for politicians to face “execution or prison”

  1. Farage and his cronies have done more damage to the UK in the last 4 years than the EU ever did. They have sold snake that has caused utter chaos in my country. Shame on them!!!!

    1. It’s nothing compared to what would be coming with these UK countries neutered by an ever more centralised, undemocratic Eirope State.

  2. That’s the thing about social media. Everyone has an opinion and they’re apt to express it.

    But it’s exactly that, an opinion, and not Brexit Party policy.

    We, supporters of the Brexit Party, endure much worse from those who wish to Remain and I would say we handle it in good spirit.

    1. In the olden days, a candidate publicly going against the party line or bringing the party into disrepute would be deselected.

      I challenge you to find one equivalent example on the other side of the argument, as you state without proof that PPCs of remain parties are calling for you to be executed.

    1. Yes, they get told facts that challenge their lies! That’s far worse than being called a traitor or told that you’ll be executed after Brexit.

  3. Not brexit party policy ?
    Errrr ? What exactly is brexit party policy ?
    Can we see your ” manifesto” ?
    Is it a secret ?

  4. Sabotaging the country, by spreading project fear and undermining democracy by not accepting the result of the Referendum are just a couple of reasons why those politicians could be held accountable. But the death penalty is way too extreme.
    We were told the economy would collapse the day after the Referendum if we voted leave but it was a lie and employment is now at its highest level.

    1. Anold, you do realise the YellowHammer document was produced by Boris Johnson and his colleagues – it is a paper from those who want to leave the EU without a deal – it isn’t a remain group document! Oh and the employment stats are great news, just be wary and remember that since the referendum the way unemployment is calculated has been changed which led to a reduction.

    2. The duplicity is staggering. The outright & intentional lies of the leave campaign are presumably ok because they were in the service of your cause? The bus? You’re embarrassing yourself.

      ‘Leave’ campaign is under various investigations for malfeasance. You need a brass neck to throw stones from that glass house. Not to forget that Brexit architect and current PM has previously been sacked for lying!

  5. “But it’s exactly that, an opinion, and not Brexit Party policy.”

    So an opinion by a Brexit Party employee, something they would clearly like to be official company policy.

  6. I just wish people would stop calling us thick because we voted to leave. Back in 1988 I slipped on a copy of Womans Own and smacked my head on the corner of the coffee table really hard and have never been the same since, which is something completely different.

    1. now, don’t unfairly compare or besmirch the reputation or sense of severely mentally impaired humans with Brexit supporters….

  7. Either way, regardless of who lied to whom, what is Brexit Party policy for all the negotiations about trade and such like after we’ve left? Or are we just expected not to talk to the EU ever again ?? Ps just saying things like “we hold all the cards or give us back our fish” don’t count.

  8. It was really poor for politicians to undermine negotiations and talk independently to Macron. They should have accepted the democratic vote and worked positively outcom to achieve a good outcome not just undermine

  9. We were told that we would have a trading relationship with the EU like that of Norway which Nigel Farage often talked about. How quickly that and other things like environmental, employment and human rights legislation disappeared from the agenda and hard Brexit became the norm. To talk of arresting and even executing politicians of many parties because they will not remain silent smells of fascist tendencies. Oswald Moseley was routed back in the day and perhaps his modern day counterparts need to be treated in the same way.

  10. European Union. Adolf Hitlers dream of a United Europe is what we are dealing with. When was I given the choice to vote if we had a European Parliament. Answer Never. Europe is a spunger where are the British compensations for the atrocities of World War 1 and 2. Hitlers dream is a reality and the remainers need to goto their puppet masters and vacate Britain. Contrary to belief of Remoaners we in the United live in a Democratically Voted for Parliament where her Majesty the Queen is Sovereign Head of State. Remoaners Traitors to Almighty God The Queen And Country. Remoaners go play with your master Lucifer on mainland Europe you will not be missed it will solve the housing crisis in the UK and once again Great Britain will be able to breathe AGAIN instead of inhaling mustard gas from Remoaners. I am sure the likes of the Republic of Ireland Germany France will gladly accomodate you. Advice to Remoaners accept the Result of the 2016 Referendum or pack up your european kit bag and let Britain be Britain again. Loyal to God Queen and Country. Remoaners your father Lucifer is waiting for you just accross the waters. In other words goto hell Remoaning Scumbags and Haters of what we stand up for.

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