Brexit Party MP candidate backs calls for politicians to face “execution or prison”

A Brexit Party MP candidate has backed calls suggesting that former Prime Ministers, politicians and journalists should be “arrested for treason” once we have left the EU and that they should face “execution or prison”.

Rachel Warby, a candidate who will stand in South Northamptonshire, responded to a tweet that said:


Commenting on the tweet, Warby said:

This is not the first time a Brexit Party candidate has appeared to endorse the death penalty for politicians. Last month, we reported that Ken Davies, who will stand in South Debyshire, once tweeted “reinstate the death penalty” in response to a video of Jeremy Corbyn.


A helpful Twitter user urged Warby to reconsider her position, pointing out the potential for negative media coverage it could trigger. But Warby rejected this advice, replying: “They all should definitely be made accountable and charged accordingly by the courts for the damage they have done to out country.”

Meanwhile, one of the commentators mentioned in the list, Ash Sarkar, said: “It’s deeply f*cking unsettling for 1000+ angry white dudes to fantasise publicly about killing and/or imprisoning me.”

A Great Yarmouth branch of the party also retweeted the fanatical post.

If Nigel Farage believes the Brexit Party PPC’s are moderate, their behaviour on social media certainly suggests otherwise.

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