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Brexit Party MEPs have some of the worst attendance records in European Parliament

Brexit Party MEPs have some of the worst attendance records in the European Parliament, Scram News can reveal.

According to analysis by MEP Ranking, several MEPs from the Brexit Party have some of the worst records for both plenary attendance and roll-call voting in the whole Parliament, while they also rank poorly against other UK MEPs.


Out of 751 MEPs, Ann Widdecombe, who is the third highest earning MEP, has the 737th worst plenary attendance record, deigning to attend on just 59% of occasions. The European Parliament’s plenary sessions are where MEPs formally sit to vote on EU legislation and adopt its position on political issues.

Meanwhile, Brexit Party MEP Lance Forman is ranked at 726th on the list, which means he has the 71st worst plenary attendance record out of all 73 UK MEPs.

Their attendance records will call into question the integrity of the party, whose MEPs consistently paint themselves as being committed to the day-to-day procedure of the European Parliament – despite being fervently opposed to its existence.

One of the party’s most prominent MEPs, Alexandra Phillips, has posted videos on Twitter falsely claiming that the Brexit Party MEPs are the only ones who turn up to Parliament, while other MEPs proudly broadcast their speeches to thousands of gullible followers.

Righteousness aside, chairman of the Brexit Party Richard Tice has the 707th worst plenary attendance record out of all MEPs and the 70th worst of those from the UK.

His colleague Andrew England Kerr fares only slightly better, ranked 705th on the overall list – missing three out of every 10 sessions of Parliament – while Ben Habib is ranked 676th.

Similarly, several Brexit Party MEPs have atrocious voting records. Party leader Nigel Farage has only taken part in 20% of roll-call votes, the 739th worst record in the European Parliament. Tice has taken part in just 21%, and Widdecombe just 33%.

But despite being let down by some of their colleagues, other members of the party set a high standard. Ten Brexit Party MEPs, including Martin Daubney, Christina Jordan and June Mummery, have 100% plenary attendance records, while a further eight have attended Parliament 94% of the time.

While this attendance has been used at worst to abstain on the release of imprisoned Nazanin Zhagari-Ratcliffe, their efforts to go to their place of work against all adversity (sarcasm intended) cannot be faulted.

Brexit Party MEPs are a galling waste of taxpayers’ money. Call on them to give up their salaries to help the ordinary people who will suffer because of Brexit.

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