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The appalling record of Brexit Party MEPs

Today, Brexit Party MEPs will head to the European Parliament for the last parliamentary session before Britain leaves the EU at the end of the month.

Over the past few months, since they were elected in May, Nigel Farage’s MEPs have wasted time by turning their backs on the EU anthem and repeatedly failing to turn up to votes. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here is everything we’ve uncovered about the departing MEPs.

All the times they voted against progressive measures


When Brexit Party MEPs have used their votes in Parliament, they have consistently abstained on important progressive measures.

Their delegation has abstained on a resolution to stop hate speech against LGBTI people and one calling for international action against child abuse. Alongside Tory MEPs, they also abstained on a resolution condemning a proposed Polish anti-abortion law.

Meanwhile, in September, Farage’s MEPs abstained on a resolution calling for Iran to release imprisoned dual EU-Iranian nationals, including jailed Brit Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.

They have also actively voted against certain measures, such as a resolution calling for action against foreign election meddling and Russian disinformation. They also voted against two climate change motions, one to declare an emergency and another to commit the EU to carbon neutrality by 2050.

Brexit Party MEP Nathan Gill has also tweeted in opposition to abortion rights and there was a major backlash when Brexit Party MEPs visited India with far-right figures. This shows that aside from Brexit, the party is a fierce opponent of socially progressive ideas.

All the times they used offensive rhetoric

From comparing the EU to slavemasters to calling BME MPs “ethnics” Brexit MEPs have used dramatic and misguided rhetoric to hammer home their points. And that’s just Ann Widdecombe.

In October, John Longworth made a comparison between Angela Merkel and Adolf Hitler. Meanwhile, Rupert Lowe boasted that he made a war jibe at Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier during a meeting, and Lucy Harris advised people to scream “surrender” at MPs who want to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Alexandra Phillips also called the Conservative Party “feudal overlords” while Chief Whip Brian Monteith compared Remain MPs with people who conspire with terrorists and Nazis, months before screaming “freedom” in a bizarre departing speech.

Unfortunately, the Nazi comparisons do not stop there. Lance Forman promoted a conspiracy video alleging that the first European Union president had a “Nazi background”. And in another instance of measured language, Martin Daubney called for tasers to be used against climate protestors.

All the times they spread fake news

As well as this, Brexit Party MEPs have spread blatantly misleading information during their time in Europe. In September, Alexandra Phillips posted a video claiming MEPs had not turned up to Parliament, when it was actually filmed after a vote, at a time when MEP’s didn’t have to be in the chamber.

Meanwhile, James Wells took to Russia Today to claim “there was no talk of a deal” during the EU referendum campaign, despite this being abjectly false.

All the f*ck ups

Given that they post on Twitter so often, it is perhaps unsurprising that Brexit Party MEPs have not been immune to major f*ck ups over the last few months.

In July, two MEPs shared a poll showing that people supported Remain more than any other Brexit option. Then, in October, Martin Daubney was quickly schooled on the cost of Brexit, after he complained about the police using resources during Extinction Rebellion protests.

The following month, Robert Rowland was left embarrassed after he questioned the economics qualifications of a Green Party MEP (she’s a professor of economics), while Lance Forman continued to count down to an October Brexit despite it being delayed until January.

They also launched a cringey TV show that lost 40% of its viewers within three episodes.

When a group of them abandoned the sinking ship

A week before the general election, four Brexit Party MEPs broke away from their party – sitting as independents and then last week joining the Tories instead.

Lance Forman, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, Lucy Harris and John Longworth were all enraged about the possibility of the Brexit Party splitting the Leave vote and accepted Boris Johnson’s deal.

Since then, Matthew Patten has also criticised Farage’s election strategy, showing that discontent in the party is still very much brewing.

Thanks for the memories, Brexit Party MEPs. You’ve been truly awful.

19 responses to “The appalling record of Brexit Party MEPs

  1. leave means leave. anti British traitors who want to remain in the EU should go and live in a EU country as the UK is getting out of the anti democratic cult.
    They can take their flag and anthem and rag tag army and shove them up their European assholes.

    1. Well, certainly Brian Monteith (one of these fine, principled people) has taken your advice. He lives in the commune of Trevien in the Tarn in southern France.

    2. …and you Mr Kennedy you speak from experience of assholes.

      Also your lack of education is voiced loud and clear in your comment, for your education the UK is also part of Europe. You didn’t study Geography did you or anything else for that matter.

      Terence Kennedy – Geography Exam 0/100 – Failed to Attend

    1. BS. They made a huge fuss about how they were issued with iPads (the evil EU providing its staff with IT resources) could have drivers to take them to the station (you’ve never taken a taxi, huh?) and a subsidised canteen (a war crime apparently).

  2. Well the wealthy remainers are not happy are they, for over 40+years our country has been paying into the EU gravey train and look at the state of our country now, we have NHS cut to the bone because of lack of funding, welfare cuts for the elderly, schools funding cuts, police force cuts, armed forces cuts, councils funding cuts, and the remainers say but we get a rebate from the EU, IT’S OUR MONEY in loose change, while the EU has a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of us and all the other countries in the EU trap that Edward Heath signed us into and John major’s back room deals without the people’s vote, and no not the EEC it’s the European union, and look at the state of our country food banks in the 21st century WOW we have done well being in the EU, as I agree that the sooner we leave the better. Let the remainers join the EU and leave England for good.

    1. The U.K. has been badly run for decades, don’t suppose the state of the U.K. has anything to do do with the inability of the UK government to run the country, no it wouldn’t would it? There is for starters an estimated£35billion in tax revenue lost each year because the Tories are complicit in this and have been turning a blind eye for decades, the Oligarchs and billionaires actually run the country and stash their money off shore. So stop blaming our friends in Europe for all your ills and blame the real people for the shit storm that you Neanderthals have created.None of the rubbish you have written can be factually supported.

  3. We actually endorse all that the Brexit Party stands for, and so do many countless others across the UK. On many issues they actually condemn what the Bible condemns, homosexuality being only one of them.

  4. The 31st can’t come soon enough, when the European Union will finally be rid of the British scourge that has plagued it for decades now. No longer will the English be able to sabotage its institutions and negatively influence its policies directly. The EU will be a stronger whole without these parasites that think of themselves as somehow being above regular Europeans. Brexit is the best thing that could have happened to the EU and time will show everyone the truth.

    1. I think you have a point. I’m saddened that the Brexiteers have shown such a malevolence for other nations on the world stage. Not in my name

  5. It would be interesting to know if any of them started to have doubts about all the anti-EU propaganda they’d swallowed previously. Mixing with sane, competent and likeable people of other nationalities can have that effect.

    1. Seems like the opposite has happened. Did you read Green MEP Magid Magid’s article on how he found the Berlaymont institutions?

  6. There’s no real smoking gun here. One example: there were Lib Dems on that trip to India as well. Are they far right as well now?

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