Brexit Party MEP says she will “leave” the UK if Brexit happens

A Brexit Party MEP has said that she has considered leaving the UK if Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is passed.

In a bizarre monologue on the Brexit Party’s online show, BrexBox, Alexandra Phillips MEP said that Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal – despite creating the mechanisms for Brexit – was “awful” and “like watching a horror movie”. She said that if it passed she would consider leaving the UK.


She said:

“In my darkest moments when I was lying in bed at night and couldn’t sleep I was thinking if that treaty is signed I just don’t want to go back to the UK, I’ll leave. 

“I can’t have my country become what it will become under that treaty.”

It is not the first time Brexit Party figures have appeared to be at odds with their only party line (Brexit). This week, we revealed that some Brexit Party figures had criticised MPs who vote for Brexit. Now, a senior Brexit Party figure has appeared to criticise the policy.

And it was not the only cringeworthy moment of the episode. Later on in the show, the party’s lawyer corrected Phillips when she falsely claimed that the EU could force Britain to join wars, and David Bull MEP let his man of the people facade slip as he wore a signet ring throughout the show.

Alexandra Phillips cannot watch Britain become what it will become under Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. That’s one thing we can agree with her on.

36 responses to “Brexit Party MEP says she will “leave” the UK if Brexit happens

  1. What kind of dark forces have radicalised and perverted this weird woman ? I have worked across the EU for 25 years and have never once felt in any way threatened by the EU. Quite the contrary, as a UK citizen in Europe it is extremely reassuring that the EU has my back. Thank you EU.

    1. Pretty straightforward really what she is saying….Boris’ Brexit deal is NOT Brexit. I don’t know how many times it has to be said…the people voted to LEAVE the EU….not make a deal first.

      1. We voted to Leave yes, and we didn’t vote to leave with or without a deal. So that cancels out your moan. And we also didn’t vote commit suicide.

    1. Absolute tosh !!the USA has basically 1 language English plus a bit of Spanish how many languages in the EU how many countries in the EU etc the USA is one country !!

      1. Allmost everybody knows proper english in EU (maybe not older people). Consequently, in the near future, the nations of Europe will tie even deeper bonds which will make Europe stronger as a global world power. Countries like Russia, China want us divided so they can seize the global world power and influence weaker countries. As such, divided we fall.
        This comes from an european, from Romania.

    1. What sort of throw away comment is that…of course she will be able to leave. Thankfully there are still plenty of countries OUTSIDE of the EU.

      1. It is not easy to migrate to any of the other English speaking countries. Pretty sure she would not be welcome in Australia, NZ or Canada.

  2. This, in my view is ironic that a sitting MEP from ‘The Brexit Party’ can say such a thing after three and a half years of this ‘Brexit Nightmare’.
    It’s people like her and more to the point, her Brexit Party members along with the Tory Party which led to all the hatred towards the EU. If her and colleagues along with the Tory Party could just have told the people, ‘Look, maybe we’ve got this all wrong’. There’s not any type of Brexit going to benefit the UK, so let’s hang on to the ‘Status Quo’!
    However, she and her party never, they just went further, into oblivion along with the Tory’s and fought a General Election adopting, the ludicrous slogan ‘We will honour the result of the Referendum’ in their Manefesto’s.
    That was the biggest mistake they had made, both party’s, because the people now know that the 2016 Referendum campaign was all built on ‘Lies’. Just ask Jean Claude Juncker.
    In my view the Referendum should never have happened buy it did and all because a PM couldn’t get a ‘Majority Government’. What a surprise, three and a half years down the road and they still haven’t got a ‘Majority Government’.
    This brings me to the point which I’m making, all this time has been wasted and the only people who are suffering with it is the innocents, the people. All because of a ‘Brexit Campaign based on Lies and Deceit’. Not forgetting a PM who couldn’t get a ‘Majority Goverment’.

    1. One thing is guaranteed, once the brexit crap hits the fan and people start realising that they were conned into voting for much lower living standards for themselves, none of the dodgyy snake oil merchants who sold it to them will be anywhere to be seen.

      Farage will be ensconced in the USA, lining his pockets one way or another.

      1. … And where will she go? To another EU country perhaps and carry on being governed by the very arrangement she wants to leave? I hear Malta and Cypress are selling passports and it seems leading brexit members are buying them. Why is that??? 😅. Wherever she goes, she will be an immigrant and perhaps the locals will perceive her as a low class person who steals jobs, takes up too many health care appointments and has no value. Whatever happens, please don’t send her back

      2. Absolute tosh !!the USA has basically 1 language English plus a bit of Spanish how many languages in the EU how many countries in the EU etc the USA is one country !!

      3. Not at all – they think they are Teflon coated and that the electorate are ALL gullible non-latin speakers.
        When it goes through they will still be there telling us that they represent people (which will sadly probably be the case) and they will spin whatever “truth” they can in public

  3. Brexit means Brexit

    Just respect the result of the referendum and let’s get out of the EU and move forwards.

    1. Respect a result that after three and a half years of debate has been proved to be a bad decision. Leavers need to realise that they made a mistake and accept that the UK is better off in the EU.

        1. Brexiters- Please do read my message – it is not a jibe or aggressive, it is a response to the question- How will Brexit affect YOU?
          Brexit is econocide
          First large “deal” will be target USA. Trump says he wants access to our NHS.
          Our economy WILL shrink, so it will be impossible to maintain free NHS.
          Trump has said he will make pharmaceuticals more expensive, and US will drive us to private health care. We will not be able to resist so we will end up needing private health insurance. PHI is already very expensive in the UK, but US insurance is far worse!
          My cousin pays $700 a month for PHI – you want that?
          Every man jack of us WILL be affected.
          Trade agreements?
          I worked international trade 30 years. Tariffs kill business. Tariffs on our closest and largest market is just STUPID. Imagine paying a tax just to sell your car to your neighbour. This is what tariffs mean.
          Then you want nusimess to sell to America or China? It costs at least 5 times as much to trade with these markets. So a small company with a budget of £20,000 trading in the EU (travel, marketing, exhibitions,samples and so on) then has to spend £100,000 to trade in China etc. Only very successful and wealthy companies can afford this.
          Talking China, if you have a unique product, the last place you might want to start trading is China. They are prone to copy, steal trade marks, and who can tell – how many uk companies carry Chinese speaking staff?
          This IS real, not scaremongering. I have lived this.
          This scratches the iceberg of how Brexit affects us all negatively

      1. The ONLY reason this has dragged on for 3 years is because Treason May did not want to leave the EU. Boris cannot get it done either because she has allowed so many Bill’s to pass that makes the BREXIT that people voted for near impossible to implement. Shame on all those that do not respect democracy. Once it is gone you will never get it back. Ask Ireland who makes their rules for them….its not the people of Ireland.

  4. Brexit means something completely different to what was put forward so criminally in 2016. “Just let’s get it done” “move forwards” some people are saying! Sure! Let’s spend the next 30 years being worse off and above all let’s give away our NHS in a fantastic trade deal with Donald Trump – fantastic for him that is. Do you really think he’ll not screw us to the ground???? Thank you David Cameron for the damage you have inflicted – I love our country – this is heartbreaking.

    1. They did listen. But Brexit was NEVER clearly defined as only Farage’s Brexit, and so the criticism of her stupidity is entirely valid. All these people who “knew what they voted for” did not vote for the same thing.

  5. You obviously didn’t listen to a word she said in the video. If you had you would have heard her, and other panel members, say that Boris Johnson’s deal doesn’t deliver the Brexit that the Brexit Party proposes.

    Boris Johnson’s deal (treaty) means leaving with a bad deal. The Brexit Party advocates leaving with a Clean Break (no deal). She’s in no way at odds with the Brexit Party’s line on Brexit but she’s at odds with Boris Johnson’s deal.

    Once again, Scram News choose to interpret straight-forward talking for their own gain, not in the pursuit of factual reporting.

    1. They did listen. But Brexit was NEVER clearly defined as only Farage’s Brexit, and so the criticism of her stupidity is entirely valid. All these people who “knew what they voted for” did not vote for the same thing.

    2. Scramnews is really scamnews. Willful misrepresentation. Makes tabloids seem like judicial journals. Danny Dire would be overqualified to edit this hack of a site.

  6. Is this the same Nigel Farage who through most of 216 told anyone who would listen just how happy and prosperous the Norwegins were!

  7. I agree being a member of the EU for what ever reason is a much better place to be… So can we get on with a soft brexit please if that’s what you want and hope our exchange rate will improve because you are costing us thousands…. A hard working man…

  8. @ Neil Carlow. Is this the same Berxit party/ Nigel garage that said a Norway+ would be a good option, and that a 52/48 referendum result would be “unfinished business”. Duplicitous to day the least. You’re all fake. Mark my word, it’ll be the all the fault of the Remsin side when the economy goes belly up, I bet you won’t take responsibility for your actions, and very few leaver as will. If I’m a scaremonrging Remainer, there’s an easy way to respond to this – personally GUARANTEE that things will not change economically. Hmmm, thought not!!!!

    1. Of course things will change economically after Brexit just as sure as things have changed economically under the EU. Economies always change thanks to speculators. Have some faith in your fellow countrymen and women. Don’t sell out to the EU totally…..the UK has been given a great opportunity to better itself in the world market without having to go looking for permission from Brussels every time it gets a trade deal.

  9. We had all this crap off you remainers during the referendum build up, but it would seem you are still gonna get your way…it just confirms what i thought for years, we are not a democratic country anymore, the loonies really have taken over the asylum.

  10. The failed project has had its first country leave and we are leading the way. We did not vote to leave to be better or to be worse off we voted to leave to get back control and become a normal country again. Now lets celebrate our independence and get in with finally opening ourselves up to the world through trade. All remainers and leavers need to rally round and celebrate our countries uniqueness and worldclass potential.

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