Brexit Party MEP: People should “scream surrender” in the middle of the street

A Brexit Party MEP has encouraged people to scream “surrender” in the middle of the street, to barrack MPs who want to stop no-deal Brexit.

Lucy Harris, Brexit Party MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, posted a video on social media yesterday, telling people to use hostile language towards MPs.


“I’d say ‘surrender’ was a rather fitting word. So I’d suggest to everyone to use it as much as you can. If you can, go into the middle of the street and start screaming it. Have fun,” Harris said.

Harris is clearly not concerned about the personal safety of MPs, after several warned that Boris Johnson’s use of the word “surrender” was causing them to receive death threats.

The bitter irony is that, in the video, Harris justifies her hate-mongering by claiming that the Benn Act (the law MPs have passed to stop no deal), “puts control straight back in the hands of the EU.”

However, her reasoning is based on a lie. Harris claims that the Benn Act allows the EU to set the length of our Brexit extension. It categorically does not.

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If we want to talk about surrender, Harris seems to have entirely surrendered her morals, and the truth.

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