Brexit Party MEP tells people to break law and get arrested if there’s a national unity government

A Brexit Party MEP has promised to break the law, and is willing to be arrested, if an anti-Brexit government of national unity is set up.

Posting on Twitter yesterday, Yorkshire and Humberside MEP Lucy Harris said that she would “withhold all tax contributions” if a unity government was established, and would ignore “all laws passed under their [sic] illegitimate governance.” She also called on her supporters to do the same.


When someone pointed out that Harris would be arrested, if she took this extreme course of action, she said: “then so be it”.

There has been speculation that, if Boris Johnson’s government loses a vote of confidence, a national unity government could be established (with Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP in coalition), to stop a no-deal Brexit and organise a second referendum.

Harris seems to have notched up her radical rhetoric in recent days – after telling supporters last week to “scream surrender in the middle of the street,” to hold anti-Brexit figures to account, despite the fact MPs have complained about receiving death threats.

Now it seems Harris is willing to go one step further and is telling her followers to get themselves arrested for Brexit. Totally bizarre.

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