Brexit Party MEP still thinks we’re leaving the EU on 31 October

A Brexit Party MEP still appears to be refusing to accept that Britain is not leaving the EU on 31st October.

For weeks, MEP Lance Forman has posted a daily image of a bottle of champagne, accompanied with a countdown to 31st October – the date when Britain was previously set to leave the EU.


He has bizarrely carried on this ritual even in recent days, despite the fact our departure date from the EU has now been delayed until the end of January.

While other Brexit Party figures, including leader Nigel Farage, have resigned themselves to the fact that Britain will remain in the EU for a little while longer, turning it into an opportunity to bash Boris, Forman has seems to have remained steadfast in the distant hope that we will leave this Thursday.

Every picture he posts features a different bottle of champagne, showing that Forman has quite the wine cellar. This is a bit odd, for the representative of a party that claims to stand up for ordinary working people.

It’s also odd that Forman has been given free government advertising by his mate Boris Johnson, despite the fact he seems to have so much money to spare.

As one Twitter user said, replying to Forman’s latest champagne show-off: “Put it back on ice pal”.

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