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Brexit Party MEP complains about Brexit stripping UK of influence in EU

In the ironic twist of the decade so far, a Brexit Party MEP has complained about Britain losing its influence in the EU despite, you know, being a Brexit Party MEP.

Writing on Twitter, June Mummery, chief defender of Britain’s fishing rights, bemoaned Britain no longer being able to influence the EU’s policies, and expressed concern about a lack of accountability in European Parliament without UK “representation”.


She said:

Lobbying zealously for Britain to leave the EU, Brexit Party MEPs have ritually embarrassed themselves over the last six months, and have used their last few weeks in the European Parliament to merely cement this reputation.

Mummery complaining about the very policy she helped to devise is just the latest chapter in their seemingly never-ending saga.

Perhaps she would like to lead the efforts to rejoin, on 1st February?

In response to this story, a Brexit Party spokesperson said: “In this Tweet [sic], Mrs Mummery is rather obviously commenting on the deficiencies of the so-called “transition period,” not of Brexit itself.

“During this 11-month period, some in the EU could see an incentive to slash British fishing quotas further to decimate our fleets as well as harm our waters with electric pulse trawling – at a time when we will continue to be subject to EU rules with our (already small) amount of influence over them removed.

“This is one of the reasons why the Brexit Party opposed a long transition period and supported a Clean-Break [sic] Brexit. The Brexit Party wishes to take back full control of our fishing waters and allow the EU to govern their own waters, without interference.”

To which we would say: there would be no need for a transition period, if it wasn’t for Brexit. You’re going to need to do better than that, Mr Farage.



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