Brexit Party MEP draws comparison between Angela Merkel and Hitler

A Brexit Party MEP has drawn a comparison between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Writing on Twitter earlier today, Yorkshire and Humber MEP John Longworth commented on Merkel’s current Brexit stance by saying she had “mistaken Northern Ireland for the Sudetenland.”


Hitler decided to annex the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia in 1938 – an act that precipitated the Second World War.

Somehow, Longworth sees Hitler’s racially-motivated military expansionism as equivalent to Merkel’s attempts to prevent conflict in Ireland. Indeed, in recent days Merkel has insisted that the EU will not accept a Brexit deal that creates a hard border between the North and the Republic, which many have warned could lead to violence between sectarian groups.

And that’s not all. It seems that the Brexit Party MEP has been on a Nazi-comparison bonanza today.

Just an hour before likening Merkel to Hitler, Longworth attempted to justify the fixation of Brexiteers with the Second World War by comparing anti-Brexit MPs to Nazi sympathisers.

He said: “Many MPs wanted a deal with a German led, expansionist European empire. Certainly what the CBI of the day wanted. Sound familiar?”

This comes after Leave.EU, a pro-Brexit campaign group linked to Nigel Farage, was forced to apologise for publishing a social media post about Angela Merkel with the words: “We didn’t win two world wars to be pushed around by a kraut.”

Someone needs to inform these rabid Brexiteers that we live in 2019, not 1919.

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4 responses to “Brexit Party MEP draws comparison between Angela Merkel and Hitler

  1. Wow, comparing Angela Merkel with Hitler, is not blackening Merkels name, it looks like an attempt to whitewash Mr Hitler’s…

    Who’s this nazi sympathiser ?

    What’s his name you said ?

    – mr longworth ?
    … I believe from now on we should consider his words a little bit less worth ( maybe that not so very clever imposter of a person too lessworth was it ?) .

  2. He obviously didn’t look at her record of homing refugees against Hitler’s record of obliterating anyone who did not suit his general type. Is he a holocaust denier?

  3. The comparison between Merkel’s intentions to create a greater Germany are apparent to anyone who has read anything about the rise of the Nazis and Merkel’s desire to re-arm. Prior to two world wars Germany insisted that they didn’t have expansionist policies. Nevertheless on both occasions Germany started wars in which they attempted to rule Europe. Has the British national character changed that much? And the French and the Italians? So why should the German national character have changed. Adenauer, the first German Chancellor after the Second World War, refused to de-nazify Germany. Do you want to see the Nazi blue print for the E.U. then read Goebbels’ 1940’s speech on the future of Europe given to the Czechs following Germany’s invasion of their country. It is almost exactly what Merkel and the Nazis planned. It is the Nazi plan, he describes the E.U. in detail.

  4. I don’t know why anyone is surprised. Yorkshire and the Humber, to my huge shame, elected a BNP MEP not so long ago. There are some very, very nasty people in this region.

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