Brexit Party MEP spreads Brexit falsehoods on Russian state TV

A Brexit Party MEP has falsely claimed that “there was no talk of a deal” during the EU referendum campaign.

Speaking on Putin propaganda channel Russia Today, funded by the Russian government, James Wells, MEP for Wales, criticised Boris Johnson for seeking a new deal with the EU and said that the Conservative Party should enter negotiations with the Brexit Party to force through a no deal.


Stating his case, Wells said: “When the public voted three and a half years ago there was no talk of a deal, of a soft Brexit or a hard Brexit. That just wasn’t discussed at all. What people voted for is to leave.”

This is despite the fact that the official Brexit campaign, endorsed by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, said that a deal with the EU would be drawn up before Britain left the EU.

The Vote Leave campaign prospectus read: “Taking back control is a careful change, not a sudden stop.”

It added: “We will negotiate the terms of a new deal before we start any legal process to leave.”

Therefore, arguing that people want to crash out of the EU on 31st October without a deal seems to be a monumental misinterpretation of the referendum campaign. Not a good look for a group that calls itself the “Brexit” Party.

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