Brexit Party MEP hires European Parliament staff to start in November

A Brexit Party MEP is hiring a staff member to start working for him in November, after Britain’s MEPs are apparently to be made redundant when Britain leaves the EU.

Caroline Voaden, Liberal Democrat MEP for South West England alerted Scram to the fact that Louis Stedman-Bryce, one of the EU’s highest-earning MEPs, is hiring a press officer to work for him in November.


The job post says that the press officer is necessary “in anticipation of a further extension to the Brexit process”, and said that while it is based in Glasgow, will involve work in Brussels, where the European Parliament is based.

Commenting on the story, Voaden said:

“It looks like even the Brexit Party have given up hope that Boris Johnson’s Conservatives will deliver Brexit on October 31st. After three years of talks we are still no nearer to finding a solution.”

The advert added that the job will be fixed for 6 months, with a possibility for extension which shows that the Brexit Party see Britain remaining in the EU well into 2020 and beyond. This is despite their claims that if they win an election in 2019, Britain will leave the EU as soon as possible.

Voaden added:

“It’s good to know Louis is planning to play a full part of the European Parliament from November 1st – something we in the Lib Dems have been doing since we took out seats three months ago.”

Last week, the Tories advertised for an EU intern starting on 1st November, a day after Britain is officially set to leave the EU. Now, the official party of Leave, which now seemingly contains Remainers, is also on a recruitment drive. It seems that no-one thinks that Brexit is going to happen any time soon.

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  1. Conservative MEPs are hiring new staff to start in Brussels on 1 November, it has emerged – despite Boris Johnson’ s pledge to leave the EU at the end of October “do or die”.

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