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Brexit Party MEP makes offensive, insensitive comments comparing EU to “slave masters”

A Brexit Party MEP has compared the EU to “slave masters”, months after Ann Widdecombe was lambasted for doing so.

Speaking in the European Parliament today, Matthew Patten MEP said that the institution was “institutionally racist” and that it purposefully limited the opportunities of ethnic minorities.


He said: “The EU is institutionally racist and I won’t vote for those white slave-masters”.

His words came in response to the EU voting in a new Commission, with Ursula von der Leyen as the President.

Patten has seemingly been inspired by the colourful rhetoric of his colleagues. In July, Ann Widdecombe used her maiden speech in the EU to say that the EU was an “oppressor” and said that the UK were “slaves against their owners”.

In response, backbench Labour MP David Lammy said her comments were “offensive and ahistorical”. But this has not stopped Patten using a similar comparison in Parliament today.

The Brexit Party MEP also criticised the lack of diversity in the EU, despite the Brexit Party having one of the least diverse delegations of UK MEPs. Later, he returned to the Parliament to vote against a motion declaring a global climate emergency.

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