Brexit Party MEP compares Remain MPs to people who conspire with terrorists and Nazis

A Brexit Party MEP has compared Remain MPs to people who conspire with terrorists and Nazis, it has been revealed.

Writing in The Scotsman, Brian Monteith, MEP for North East England, argued that Britain would be worse off with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister than under a no-deal Brexit.


Complaining about parliamentary democracy, he implied that Remain MPs, who have recently passed a bill to block a no-deal Brexit and force Johnson to ask for a Brexit extension, were conspiring with terrorists.

He said:

“Imagine past British politicians collaborating with IRA leaders while there was terrorism on our streets, or having private talks to support Khrushchev during the Cuban missile crisis, or Halifax cooking up a deal with Ribbentrop after Poland had been invaded and our troops driven out of France? Yet that is indeed what MPs disrespecting the referendum result have effectively done.”

Monteith did not choose to expand on the particularities of Remain MPs’ similarities with terrorist organisations and a Nazi Foreign Minister, and instead went on to denounce Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership credentials.

It seems that dramatic rhetoric is alive and well in the Brexit Party.

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