Brexit Party MEP accuses Nigel Farage of “vile” scaremongering during referendum campaign

“Vile” scaremongering orchestrated by Nigel Farage during the EU referendum made a Brexit Party MEP “pause” before joining the party, she has said.

Speaking on Irish newspaper RTE’s podcast Brexit Republic, Claire Fox described the infamous “breaking point” poster that Nigel Farage launched during the referendum campaign as “terrible” when quizzed about scaremongering by Leave campaigners.


She said:

“That was terrible… That poster was infamous. It was absolutely one of the things that made me very much pause in terms of whether I’d stand in a party run by Nigel Farage”.

In June 2016, while leader of UKIP, Farage unveiled campaign poster showing a queue of mostly non-white migrants and refugees. Accompanied with the slogan “Breaking point: the EU has failed us all”, it was reported to the police by a Unison boss for inciting racial hatred.

Due to the controversy it provoked, Boris Johnson – who led the official Vote Leave campaign at the time – was forced to confirm Farage’s views were not endorsed by the campaign, while leader of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon branded it “disgusting”.

Nevertheless, Farage defended the poster and continues to do so to this day, despite sustained criticism.

Now, Claire Fox has revealed her misgivings about the propaganda and how it made her consider having a working relationship with Farage.

She added that it “was a vile attempt at whipping up fear”.

However, Fox also complained that “guilt by association” has been used against her, despite the fact she has told the Brexit Party leader what she thought about the poster.

But throwing Farage a bone she said: “By the way Nigel Farage has never deported anyone, because he hasn’t got the power”.

What a saint.


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