Brexit Party MEP: We shouldn’t pay £39bn, but EU should still pay my pension

The UK shouldn’t pay its £39bn Brexit divorce bill, but the EU should still contribute to MEP’s pensions, a Brexit MEP has said.

Speaking on BBC 5 Live, Jonathan Bullock said that Britain should stop contributing to EU budget, arguing that when the UK leaves, its contract with the EU ends.


He said: “We’re leaving the EU, so we won’t be a member of the EU so we won’t have to pay these things.”

In a strange analogy, he compared Britain leaving the EU to him leaving a golf club. He said: “If my golf club signs up to redevelop its pavilion but I leave the golf club, I won’t have to pay for that for five to 10 years time.”

However, he disagreed that when Britain leaves the EU, British MEPs should stop receiving a pension from the EU, even though pension payments would form part of the £39bn divorce bill.

When quizzed about this, he said: “It wouldn’t be legal for them to do that of course because they have a contract with [MEPs].”

Why he believes Britain can renege on its contractual promises but the European Union cannot do the same was not covered.


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