Brexit Party MEP shares false video claiming EU politicians haven’t turned up to work

A Brexit Party MEP has shared a misleading video suggesting that European Parliament politicians didn’t turn up to work today.

Alexandra Phillips, MEP for the South East, posted a video on Twitter earlier today showing an empty European Parliament chamber, with only Brexit Party MEPs in their seats.


Narrating the video, Phillips said, “Where are they? Where are they? Where is everyone? Oh well, can’t be bothered to turn up to work.”

However, the European Parliament’s agenda for the day shows that MEPs had just finished voting, when Phillips posted the video. They weren’t required to be in the chamber – they were doing their jobs elsewhere.

The Brexit Party’s decision to sit in an empty Parliament is the equivalent of someone sitting in an empty office during a staff meeting and complaining that no-one’s working.

To make matters worse, this false video has been shared nearly a thousand times on Twitter, and has been watched by over 20,000 people.

This is the second time in two days that a Brexit Party MEP has shared something blatantly misleading on social media. Yesterday, we reported that David Bull shared an article suggesting that the NHS would be “killed off” if we remained in the EU. This is also untrue, for SO MANY reasons.

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