Brexit Party MEP throws hat into ring for BBC Director General, says she would “ban reporting on Greta Thunberg”

With British MEPs set to leave the European Parliament at the end of this month, many are turning now to the future, and where their careers will next take them.

And one ambitious Brexit Party MEP has expressed interest in a senior role at the BBC, a role she would shape with an… avante-garde approach.


Speaking to talkRadio’s Mike Graham, Alexandra Phillips suggested she should be the next Director General of the BBC, following Tony Hall’s resignation, and that she would “ban” reporting on climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Talking about Hall’s recent resignation, she said:

“Well I don’t have a job maybe I should go [for it].

“I would ban Greta Thunberg from being reported on for a start, she’s gone”.

In the past, Phillips has worked for a company linked to Cambridge Analytica and has held various roles working for Nigel Farage at UKIP and the Brexit Party. There is, however, no evidence that she has ever worked as a journalist at any publication from the New European to the BBC.

Why she has decided that Greta Thunberg, who is currently in Davos addressing the World Economic Forum, is not newsworthy, is only a matter of speculation.

Warming to her bullying of a 16 year-old child with Aspergers, Phillips said:

“I can’t get my head around how this schoolgirl – who I don’t even know if she’s got the equivalent of GCSEs – yet is telling world leaders what to do. It’s perverse.”

She added: “I think with Greta you just give her a little knuckle rub on the head and then climate change starts to reverse.”

Yesterday, Phillips’ colleague June Mummery expressed dismay that Britain will lose representation in the European Parliament when it leaves the EU.

Now, with 10 days of EU membership left, Phillips is also making the most of the dwindling media spotlight.

Phillips also charmingly said that when Thunberg frowns she has the same “look” as Donald Trump.

Somehow we can’t see the BBC clamouring to read her CV.


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