Brexit Party meltdown continues as another candidate quits

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is in a state of chaos after another candidate has stood down and urged people to vote for the Conservatives.

Yesterday evening, the party’s candidate in the Cotswolds, Peter Udale, announced that he was quitting as one of Farage’s candidates. Blasting his former colleagues, Udale said it is “fundamentally wrong” to stand in constituencies where the Tories have a chance of winning.


Farage has insisted that he will stand candidates in almost every constituency, unless Boris Johnson agrees to ditch his Brexit deal. Given that the PM seems now to have muted the Brexit Party leader, an election war between the two parties seems almost inevitable.

Over 20 Brexit Party candidates have consequently ditched Farage in recent days, in protest at his belligerence. This includes Calum Walker, who had been the candidate in Dundee East, who warned that the Brexit Party was turning into a “national threat”.

With the Brexit cause divided, pro-Brexit campaign groups are now panicking that Remain groups are far more united and organised ahead of the general election. Let’s hope it has an impact on 12th December.

13 responses to “Brexit Party meltdown continues as another candidate quits

  1. I will vote for the brexit party. Nigel Farage is the only one to have consistently stuck to his guns and has not played musical chairs or back tracked like other career polititions. If Corbyn and the Marxist party get to power then you will get what you deserve.

  2. Well said J Cox. We deserve better that the Tories and the Brexit party sewer rats. We deserve a country where the infrastructure is publicly owned and the poor are not ground down by the elite.

  3. Eddy. I am old enough to remember the pederfile PM Heath who signed into the Common Market without out a second thought disregarding the informal vote not to do so. The the war criminal Blair with the Lisbon Treat (money in the hidden bank account) then converted to aperthy of the blebs to believe the criminals in the EU were the ones to take care of their lives. The only group to benefit in real term are the one who consider they were born to lead. I think

  4. Get Brexit done , and get on with it. Be strong . Your all afraid .
    Be like Switzerland, a small powerful country on its own , making its own decisions and rules .

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