All the Brexit Party general election candidates who have questioned climate change

While the Brexit Party markets itself as a single-issue party that unites voters across the left and the right in their distrust for the EU, an investigation by Scram News has revealed another strong belief among many of the party’s candidates – climate change denial.

Trawling through the social media pages of Brexit Party general election candidates, we’ve found varying levels of climate change scepticism from no fewer than 17 candidates. Here’s the full rundown.

Nathan Gill, Wales


Nathan Gill is an MEP for Wales and a Brexit Party PPC for the general election. He has voted against motions to protect the climate and has shared posts arguing that man cannot be blamed for climate change. He has also said that people are turning climate change into a “religion” and that it is a “scam of highest magnitude”.

Jonathan Bullock, Boston and Skegness

Gill’s colleague, who used to be a UKIP MEP, has chided European politicians for imposing “ever increasing green taxes,” has made speeches arguing that the EU’s “obsession” with climate change will lead to job cuts, and has recently committed to abolishing the Climate Change Act.

Adrian Myers, Great Yarmouth

Adrian Myers shared a speech made by Benoit Rittaud, a climate change denying mathematician who wrote a book called The Climate Myth, imploring his followers not to call him “a climate change denier” and saying: “I embrace the scientific principle of theory until proven.”

When he is not denying climate change, Myers has been known to suggest that multiculturalism is turning France into a “3rd world sewer”.

Paul Chapman, Reading West

Reading West’s candidate has shared multiple articles criticising measures to mitigate against the dangers of climate change. He has criticised the Climate Change Act and has said money is wasted on “climate change alarmism”.

David Blake, Huntingdon

David Blake has shared a tweet stating that he is “a long way convinced that climate change is man made”.

Roger Carter, Oxford East

The candidate for Oxford East has shared links to fake news claiming that climate change is “propaganda”. He claims that temperatures today “are not particularly warm compared to our known history”.

Tony Willicombe, Swansea East

Residents of Swansea may be interested to know that Tony Willicombe, who wishes to represent them, shared an article recently arguing that carbon dioxide cannot cause global warming.

Andrew Bell, Buckingham

“Humans are NOT responsible for climate change” a prospective member of Parliament has declared. Andrew Bell, who wants to replace John Bercow as MP of Buckingham, shared an article that expressed these views, adding: “there isn’t a climate emergency”.

Peter Griffiths, Wealden

Peter Griffiths shared a post calling climate change a hoax and criticised Al Gore for making “obscene amounts of money” out of it. He has also implied that Greta Thunberg is being manipulated by “cynical adults and the media”.

Michael Cheyne, undisclosed

Cheyne has said that we should reduce our impact on the environment but that “we cannot change the climate”. He has also criticised the idea of “killing off jobs to ‘save the planet'”.

Rosie Darkin-Miller, West Dorset

Rosie Darkin-Miller shared a video of a lecture delivered by Professor Tim Ball, a scientist who says he opposes the consensus on climate change and that CO2 does not cause global warming. Darkin-Miller called the lecture – which argued that climate change is a concept created to stop civilisation developing – “worth a watch” and “very interesting”.

Tim Scott, Beaconsfield

Climate sceptics “have a point”, according to Tim Scott. The Beaconsfield candidate has also implied that changes in the climate are natural and that British pessimism is the reason why people are worried about climate change.

John Scotting, Chesterfield

Scotting has said that the term “climate change” is “nebulous & coy rhetoric” that is driven by either “agoraphobia” a “god-complex” or “envy-ridden socialism”. He said people should refer to it as “human-caused global warming” instead.

Julie Maugham, Easington

Julie Maugham has requested that people “do not force” the issue of climate change “down sceptics’ throats”. She has suggested there is nothing humans can do to affect the climate and has dismissed climate change as something that “has always and will always be a pattern of the earths and the suns”.

Richard Milton, East Worthing and Shoreham

Richard Milton has published an article claiming the science behind climate change is “manipulated”. He has also written a book called The Facts of Life: Shattering the Myths of Darwinism, in which he denounces Darwinism and natural selection.

Malcolm Bint, East Hampshire

Another candidate who may well agree that the science behind climate change is “manipulated” is Malcolm Bint. Bint has shared a stream of tweets denying the existence of climate change, and has suggested that activists in this sphere are “whackos”.

Jules Morgan, North Warwickshire

Jules Morgan has called climate change “a massive lie”. He said: “The science and models used [in predicting climate change] are not fit for purpose.”

Oh, and although he’s not standing for Parliament this time, party leader Nigel Farage has said that young people are “indoctrinated” to believe in global warming.

If elected to Parliament, the Brexit Party will have a voice not just on Brexit, but on every other political issue debated within its chambers.

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