All the Brexit Party general election candidates accused of Islamophobia

As the general election looms, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party will field candidates to stand as MPs for the very first time. While they claim to campaign for Brexit, and not much else, investigations by Scram News have revealed that several Brexit Party candidates have strong views about another subject: Islam.

Here’s everything that has been discovered about Islamophobia in the Brexit Party:

Robin Grey, not yet allocated


Robin Grey told Scram that Tommy Robinson has a “valid criticism of Islam. The former UKIP parliamentary candidate has also showed support for far-right figure Tommy Robinson and has donated to the English Democrats, a far-right political party that has housed former BNP members.

Marlene Godwin, Eastleigh

We revealed that Marlene Godwin, the candidate for Eastleigh, supported a decision made by US authorities to stop a Muslim family boarding a flight to Disneyland.

She tweeted a link to a story from 2015, which Stella Creasy said at the time showed “a growing problem” of Muslims being barred for the US. But Godwin commented: “I can’t blame USA for not letting Muslim family travel to Disney [sic]”. She didn’t offer an explanation.

Ian Gorman, Caerphilly

Ian Gorman, the Brexit Party hopeful for Caerphilly, has not put all his political eggs in one basket. Gorman was also until very recently the General Secretary of the Democracy and Veterans Party, a group that has spread the false conspiracy that there are areas in the UK controlled by Sharia Law.

According to its manifesto: “In areas where Muslims are in the majority, Sharia patrols on evenings supersede those of our own police force, curfews for young women are imposed and dress-codes are enforced.”

Democracy and Veterans has also pledged to implement policies that ensure ethnic minorities do not come to outnumber white majority populations – an idea that has motivated numerous white supremacist terrorist attacks in recent months.

John Booker, Penistone and Stocksbridge

The Brexit Party has also picked up a few old UKIP politicians who have brought their hate to Farage’s party.

In April 2017, John Booker, a former UKIP councillor, posted a status on Facebook saying that America was “cutting its own throat” by “not fighting back” against the spread of Islam. He also liked a post claiming that Muslims have a plan to “takeover” the world, and a comment calling for violent action against Muslims.

Wendy Garcarz, Birmingham Erdington

Wendy Garcarz shared a Facebook post comparing Muslims to Nazis earlier this year. The post claimed that Nazis gained power because ordinary Germans thought the majority of Nazis weren’t radical, and that we are now making the same mistake towards Islam – a religion that is “threatening our way of life”.

Just as Ian Gorman’s Democracy and Veterans Party claims, the post also said that there are no-go zones in the UK where Sharia Law dominates

Norman Nickason, Kettering

Norman Nickason also shared a Nazi comparison on Facebook. This post said that Britain should not change its culture for Muslims, in the same way we didn’t change our culture for the Nazis.

James Timkey, North West Norfolk

Meanwhile, James Timkey has shared an image implying Sadiq Khan is involved with ISIS. The image also compared Jeremy Corbyn to IRA militants.

Prabhjit Dhillon, Warwick and Leamington

As reported in the Huffington Post, Dhillon was forced to resign as a parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in September after a number of his “Islamophobic” social media posts were uncovered. These included posts suggesting Britain’s border should be closed to Muslims, and others saying moderate Muslims are complicit in terror.

Mark Nash, Moray

The Brexit Party dropped Mark Nash as the candidate for Moray after it was revealed he once described Islam as a “cancer” that should be “crushed out of existence”.

He also claimed there was no such thing as a moderate Islam and that the UK is “at war with Islam”.

Why they haven’t dropped the other candidates, who have shared similarly abhorrent views, we don’t know.

Indeed, Nigel Farage left UKIP due to concerns it was becoming too radical, particularly in its attitude to Islam. But it seems that there are candidates in his new party that are more than capable of sowing the same hate.

3 responses to “All the Brexit Party general election candidates accused of Islamophobia

  1. Islamaphobia is BS. A phobia is a irrational fear…but there is nothing irrational about how the Qu’ran is set out as a manifesto, not a religion (and it is certainly not peaceful). Islam and it extremist followers should be jailed and rehabilitated as Islam is the work of a devil that did not mind taking slaves for sex – well as long as they are under their right hand), marrying children i.e. Indeed there are a number of authentic reports in Sahih al Bukhari and other sources which say that Aisha’s marriage (aged 6) was consummated at the age of 9 (or 10 in some other sources). This was the time she had reached the age of puberty. Although this age is something that has been accepted among the conservative Muslims in the past and today, killing apostates and blasphemers, using terrorism as a political tool and telling their women that they say has half the value of that of a man’s i.e. if a Muslim woman is raped by a Muslim man, she needs another woman to declare the infraction in Sharia Law, but the man only needs his individual statement to void 2 woman’s statement to the contrary. I could go on with how Ilsam is for the despotic and pedophilic tendencies of thes fucked up individuals that enjoy tyranny and domination. The only good MUSLIM is a DEAD MUSLIM i.e. do unto others as they would have done unto you…but fdo it first!!!

  2. Oh dear, someone confusing radicalised Islam with the true peaceful Islam.
    Nothing like tarring a whole faith with the same twisted brush is there.
    It seems someone needs to meet a few Muslims, sooner than drink in the tripe
    peddled by the US main stream media.

    You, are the one with “irrational fears”, “The only good MUSLIM is a DEAD MUSLIM”[sic], clearly brainwashed.
    I bet you think Socialism is Communism too ………..

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