Brexit Party general election candidate says Tommy Robinson has a “valid criticism” of Islam

One of the Brexit Party’s general election candidates is a supporter of Tommy Robinson, and has in the past donated to a controversial political party, Scram News can reveal.

Robin Grey has been selected as a Brexit Party MP candidate, though he confirmed to Scram News that his seat has not yet been allocated.


Grey, who stood for UKIP at the 2015 general election, has expressed his support for far-right hate figure Tommy Robinson in multiple social media posts.

In one post, he says that Robinson has “exposed” the “far-left bias” of the BBC, while another seems to show Grey in attendance at Robinson’s trial for contempt of court in October 2018.

Scram News contacted Grey to ask whether he’s a supporter of the far-right figure. Parroting the idea that Robinson has been unfairly treated by the courts, he said that he supported Robinson in the sense that “he hasn’t enjoyed the due process of the law.”

However, it seems that Grey doesn’t just support Robinson’s legal plight. We asked the Brexit Party PPC whether he sympathised with Robinson’s views towards Islam. He said that Robinson has a “valid criticism” of Islam, particularly his claim that politicians are unfairly sympathetic towards Muslims.

“No-one should get special treatment,” Grey said.

What’s more, Grey’s Twitter feed shows that he has donated to the English Democrats, a controversial political party.

Grey told Scram News that he donated to the English Democrats because of their “support of a clean break Brexit”.