Brexit Party founder “talking to” Katie Hopkins about forming new anti-immigration party

The founder of the Brexit Party is in talks with Katie Hopkins about forming a new anti-immigration party, Scram News can reveal.

According to a speech made by Catherine Blaiklock at a gathering of alt-right and far-right figures, she has talked to hate merchant Hopkins about setting up a political party.


Blaiklock, who was forced to resign from the Brexit Party for sharing racism online, made the speech to the annual conference of the Traditional Britain Group – a controversial ethno-nationalist pressure group.

During the speech, Blaiklock rolled out a variety of repugnant tropes about immigration. She said that the topic has become an “elephant in the room,” and that immigrants are changing the fabric of our society.

She added that she is disappointed in the Brexit Party for not sufficiently addressing the issue (despite Scram revealing Nigel Farage’s fresh anti-migrant bashing recently) and that she feels “politically homeless”. She said:

“I have considered it and I am talking to Katie Hopkins about forming another party which is a single purpose party.”

Blaiklock founded her first party, the Brexit Party, earlier this year but was forced to resign as leader after the Guardian exposed a series of anti-Islam tweets on her account.

Despite these revelations, Blaiklock has not attempted to subsequently conceal her hateful views, tweeting fake news about migrants abusing the NHS and saying that Africans are rapists.

Meanwhile, Hopkins has peddled similar bile over the course of her career – comparing refugees to cockroaches and saying that migrant boats should be gunned down.

In her meandering speech, Blaiklock added that she was pessimistic about the state of the nation, in part because smaller parties don’t get anywhere in British politics.

We hope that remains the case if her new party comes to fruition.

We have approached Katie Hopkins for comment.