Brexit Party forced to drop candidate who called Islam a “cancer”

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Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has ditched a candidate for a Scottish constituency, after it was revealed they had described Islam as a “cancer” that should be “crushed out of existence”.


Writing under the pseudonym Moraymint, Moray candidate and former RAF officer Mark Nash wrote that the UK is “at war with Islam”.

Nash added: “If the Muslim community resists this change of attitude by our society, to its place in our society and the implications for the religion and its followers, then Islam in the UK should be crushed out of existence.” 

In a separate post, Nash wrote: “Call me a fascist if you like, but I’ll lay money that right now our society is regressing to the Middle Ages for as long as the Establishment insists on talking to us about ‘So-Called Islamic State.”

He also wrote that we should stop talking about “moderate Islam” and “radical Islam” and that instead “we need to talk about Islam. Full stop. Every day we don’t discuss Islam, we move a day closer to the Caliphate. It’s not difficult”.

According to a post on Nash’s personal blog, he was personally vetted before becoming a candidate for the Scottish parliamentary seat by Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage in a 10 minute phone conversation.

Farage famously left UKIP after claiming that former leader Gerard Batten was “fixated” with Islam.

Looking at what has emerged about some of his Brexit Party candidates, it seems the problem might have followed him.

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