Brexit Party figure claimed Islam has a “rape culture” problem

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As BuzzFeed reported earlier today, a new member of the Brexit Party press team used to be a reporter at the far-right website Breitbart – writing dozens of articles whipping up anti-immigration hysteria.


Scram News can also reveal that Liam Deacon, the staffer in question, has accused Islam of having a “rape culture” problem, and once asked Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad) to help him write an article on the subject.

Records on Twitter and Reddit show that Deacon wrote an article for the Spectator in 2015 entitled: “If there is a ‘rape culture’ alive in the UK today, it is an Islamic one”.

We have also discovered that Deacon asked far-right personality Carl Benjamin to provide “sources” for the article. This is the same Carl Benjamin who “joked” about raping Jess Phillips during the recent European elections campaign, and said that he finds “racist jokes funny”.

The Spectator seem to have removed the piece from their website, though this was not a one-off from Deacon. A browse through Deacon’s Twitter history shows he’s repeatedly made this claim against Islamic societies.

Deacon says he makes this argument to stand up for oppressed women, but other tweets also reveal that Deacon is not much of a feminist.

In one tweet, for example, he criticises a girl with dreadlocks for “not washing”:

Of course, such tweets are from years ago – Deacon could have changed his views and matured.

Indeed, his views seem to have changed quite radically on some topics.

In May 2014, Deacon tweeted a list of things that are bad in modern Britain, including: “the banking crisis, Nigel Farage, the housing crisis, Cold play [sic], 9k fees, the cost of living crisis and f*cking e-on.”

A reminder: Deacon now spins news for Nigel Farage.

What’s more, Deacon criticised UKIP for claiming that Labour had abandoned the working class. He said: “Blair abandoned everything Labour stood for. But an archaic, right wing, ‘libertarian’ party will do even less for working people.”

Arguably, this narrative of Labour working-class betrayal is being duplicated by the Brexit Party in 2019.

Revelations about Deacon’s attitude towards Islam are particularly concerning, given that three Brexit Party MP candidates have been exposed for sharing Islamophobia online.

Farage says that he left UKIP because of its “fixation” with Islam. It’s not entirely clear, at this stage, whether his new party is much different.

UPDATE: We have approached Liam Deacon for comment. He has not responded, but he has taken the opportunity to delete his Twitter account.

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