Catherine Blaiklock

Brexit Party figure outed for Islamophobia reveals her role in setting up the party

A Brexit Party figure who was ousted for Islamophobia has revealed her leading role in setting up the party.

It’s not widely known that Nigel Farage is not in fact the first leader of the Brexit Party. Farage was only appointed to the helm after the departure of Catherine Blaiklock, who co-founded the party (which is actually a limited company) alongside Farage.


Blaiklock’s tenure was short lived. She left the party just a few weeks after its formation, owing to the fact that a series of anti-Islam tweets were exposed on her account.

And these tweets were nothing out of the ordinary for Blaiklock. In the months following her departure from the Brexit Party, Farage’s co-conspirator has been embroiled in a number of race rows. In September, we revealed that Blaiklock had blamed immigration for Islamophobia in the Conservative Party, just a week after claiming that Africans are rapists.


However, the Brexit Party hasn’t exactly been keen to embrace Blaiklock’s past role in the party – instead making it seem as though it has always been a one-man show.

That’s not the case. Blaiklock has this weekend claimed that she bought the name of the company, “well before Nigel [Farage] left UKIP.” She also says that she “controlled everything from shares to bank accounts.”

This confirms well-hidden information about the Brexit Party: that the party was Blaiklock’s idea, but that she “had Farage’s full support”.

Although Farage now controls the party (and holds 60% of the shares, no less), it is enlightening that the Brexit Party was created by an openly Islamophobic politician, with Farage’s “full support”.

And despite the fact that Blaiklock has now renounced the Brexit Party for not being tough enough on Islam, it’s clear that several of the party’s figures harbour strong views about the religion.

Indeed, we have revealed that numerous Brexit Party politicians have shared Islamophobia online, one of whom said that America was “cutting its own throat” by “not fighting back” against the spread of Islam. Only a couple of these candidates have been dropped by the party after their views were exposed. The majority have remained in place.

This election presents a clear choice between anti-immigrant xenophobia and the acceptance of others. Stand with us by supporting tolerance over hate.