Brexit Party spends £50,000 on Facebook ads attacking second referendum MPs and MEPs

The Brexit Party has spent roughly £50,000 in less than a month on targeted Facebook adverts attacking second referendum supporting MPs and MEPs.

A maximum of £48,468 was spent on the ad campaign ahead of the European elections tomorrow. That figure is almost half the £118,759 that the party spent in total on Facebook adverts.


The campaign has been promoted on behalf of the Brexit Party by former politician and investment banker Toby Vincent, who also promoted the party’s postal literature calling for the UK to leave the EU without a deal.

Forty MPs and MEPs were named in the campaign, the majority of them from the Labour Party.

Among the Conservatives named were vocal anti-Brexit campaigners Dominic Grieve, Justine Greening, Damian Collins and Jo Johnson MP, brother of Boris.

The most expensive ads placed by the party targeted Labour MEPs up for re-election on Thursday. These include posts attacking Seb Dance and Lord Adonis. No Conservative MEPs were named.

The posters all follow the same format. However, Adonis, a Labour MEP candidate in the South West of England, came under additional criticism.

The post was accompanied by a caption, highlighting a past statement from Adonis that Brexit supporters should not vote Labour, because the party was going to stop Brexit.

Despite recent scandals, Facebook’s role in elections is far from diminishing.

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