Senior Brexit Party figure said EU referendum was too “complex” for most people to understand

A senior Brexit Party politician once said the EU referendum was too “complex” for the majority of ordinary people to fully understand, Scram News can reveal.

Writing on 17th June 2016, a few days before the referendum, Bull said that he found it “extraordinary” that “we have asked the population to vote on something so complex.”


He added that our membership of the European Union is “something that even the most hard-core politicos with extensive knowledge of EU matters find complex and without a universal panacea.”

“Trying to unravel the last 40 years of history since we first joined the Common Market… is a Herculean task,” he said.

This is hugely ironic for two reasons. Firstly, Bull is now an MEP and a general election candidate for the Brexit Party – an organisation that claims the UK voted for an extreme no-deal Brexit.

How can a no-deal Brexit have popular support, when Bull admits the referendum was too “complex” for most people to understand?

And Bull’s comments are additionally ironic due Brexiteer arguments about a second referendum. Bull’s colleagues claim that we don’t need a re-run of the referendum, because people knew exactly what they were voting for in 2016.

You can see the obvious (and awkward) contradiction between this viewpoint and Bull’s assertion that the EU referendum was basically impossible to comprehend.

We wonder whether Brexiteers will call Bull a “saboteur” for making this entirely logical, common sense argument.

12 responses to “Senior Brexit Party figure said EU referendum was too “complex” for most people to understand

  1. This is 100% correct. People had no idea what it meant to be a member of the EU. Nigel Farage intentionally misled people to think that all immigration is the same; that cutting of (EU) migration meant no more middle-easterners and Indians, when leaving the EU only affects white EU migration. This is just one in many ways that people were misled.

  2. This is rubbish. The question was simple, and it was as simple as do you want to be controlled by the EU or did you want your country controlled by your current and future parliaments, and then fully accountable to the UK voting public.

    Once that strategic decision was made it was up to the elected representatives and the state service to implement it and the difficulties and complexities were up to them to work through.

    1. Bollox. The leave campaign was selling a unicorn, a ‘have your cake and eat it’, best of both worlds. The reality could have not been more different to the bull that was peddled by the campaign…

    2. The answer to the question was advisory. The Conservatives have spent three years negotiating how that “advice” might be implemented. It’s time to find out, now the options and risks are clearer, what the “people” want. If BREXIT is such a good deal, why are the promoters of the idea, so afraid of testing whether the “people” want what May/Jhonson came up with…after three years. The vote in 2016 was not a black-and-white YES/NO.

    3. You’ve just revealed that you didn’t know what you were voting for.

      Most of the things that were decided cooperatively with the other EU nations will continue to affect us and won’t be controlled by the UK parliament at all, fully accountable or not. This is irrespective of any deal or not.

  3. In 2016 Boris Johnson said that we could leave the EU and remain in the single market and customs union. Nigel Farage extolled the virtues of a Norwegian type agreement, and said that 52% for remain would be ‘unfinished business’. Yet somehow, 52% for leave means that the only democratic way to resolve this is with a no deal brexit, despite the damage that would do to jobs, people’s rights, opportunities for young people and the economic.

  4. Anyone with a modicum of sense would vote for remain. The rest are as thick as mince, swallowing the lies peddled from farage, gove, smogg et all.
    The economy is finished already and we haven’t even left yet. Idiots

  5. Indeed too complex: who understood the global “supply chains” that our manufacturing depends upon and the total disruption created by customs barriers between the UK and our EU borders? Who understood the passporting into the EU that our financial institutions are about to lose? Who understood that 50% of our exports are sent to the EU and newly introduced tariffs will make those uncompetitive? What about the Irish border and the threat to the GFA?
    Answer: very few people and the leavers are not interested in understanding.. it’s so much easier to repeat “let’s take back control”.. whilst becoming Trump’s poodle in the process.
    The consequences are going to be dire for the economy and will position the UK 50 years backward and cutting it from the biggest single market in the world.
    No, Joe Public wasn’t prepared for that kind of decisions.

  6. Clearly the election is corrupt.
    People should not vote.
    Tactical voting and election pacts are bullying coercion and should not be tolerated. Communicate policies and let people decide and detach. Dont try and manipulate the result for such is a foul crime.

    So in a nutshell POLITICS is not the answer because it is normally devoid of SPIRITUALITY

  7. I find the whole situation deeply sad. Yes it is a very complex situation. I am in two minds; on the one hand I totally agree with the theory of “the people” having a say in every decision, in its purest form that would theoretically mean real democracy. On the other hand it is hugely difficult to, even with the best and purest will in the world, provide clear facts for people to make informed decisions on. Given that it has been proven repeatedly that the information given was inaccurate, incomplete and in some cases downright deliberately false, the logical conclusion is that the Referendum must unfortunately be void.

  8. I remember the 1970’s referendum which was clearly a trade deal. Then the Maastricht in 1990s. I asked a politician what that meant because John Major would not do another referendum. I was told we were going to be European. I asked is that it? He said yes ..oh with just a few standardisation things. I then did research I discovered the founding fathers in 1950s had set up the EU so the first referendum was made attractive & after that the EU would gradually take over our & all countries sovereignty.
    Nigel Farage did not mislead any of the public his party has been the honest ones. The remainers try & make it complicated because they don’t understand the ultimate aim of the EU which is leading Europe into very dangerous waters.

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