Brexit Party claims to have zero tolerance racism policy when three MP candidates have shared Islamophobia

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The Brexit Party has been in a war with journalist Oliver Kamm in recent days, after The Times columnist suggested Nigel Farage’s party is racist.


A number of leading figures in the Brexit Party have consequently taken a swing at Kamm – insisting that the party has a zero tolerance approach to racism.

After debating with Kamm on Sky News yesterday, Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib posted on Twitter to say that his party takes “decisive action” against racism and is “committed to fighting bigotry” – citing the example of a councillor who was dismissed from the party a few weeks ago.

Habib was backed up earlier today by Mike Greene, the Brexit Party’s MP candidate for Peterborough, who said:

But the Brexit Party’s description of itself – as a party that takes decisive action against racism and bigotry – doesn’t seem to correspond with reality.

We revealed last week that three Brexit Party MP candidates had shared Islamophobia online, yet so far no action has been taken by the party.

One candidate, John Booker, posted a Facebook status saying that America was “cutting its own throat” by “not fighting back” against the spread of Islam.

Another, Wendy Garcarz, shared a post saying that, like the Nazis, Muslims are “rampaging across the globe” and “threatening our way of life”.

The third, Norman Nickason, also compared Muslims to the Nazis – saying that Britain doesn’t have to change its culture for Muslims, in the same way that we didn’t have to change our culture for the Nazis.

We also revealed that a fourth candidate, Mitchell Feierstein, had spread conspiracy theories about a Muslim Congresswoman, while a Brexit Party press officer had claimed that Islam has a “rape culture” problem.

If parliamentary candidates from any of the other major parties had shared posts comparing Muslims to Nazis, the party would be expected to act. The Brexit Party should be held to exactly the same standards and, as a result, we’re calling on the party to explain how it is dealing with racism in its ranks. Add pressure by sending them a message here.

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