Brexit Party candidates slated Nigel Farage in series of tweets

Two Brexit Party candidates are not actually members of the cult of Nigel Farage, it has emerged.

The anti-racism campaign group HOPE not hate have revealed that two current Brexit Party candidates have previously hurled criticism at Farage on social media.


The tweets were posted by Alan Graves Senior (Derby North candidate) and his son, Alan Graves Junior (High Peak candidate). These two candidates were part of a group of UKIP councillors who defected to Farage’s party in July, and in turns out they haven’t been too complimentary about their new leader in the past.

In now-deleted tweets, Graves Jr. labelled the Brexit Party “Farages [sic] ego trip” and his “vanity project”.

He also called him a “slippery man”, a “Tory shill”, and “only in it for the money/fame”.

In April Graves Jr. tweeted similar criticism about the Brexit Party as a whole, saying it was full of “Privately educated multi millionaires”.

He added: “speaking for the common man? I think not”.

He also called the party a “dictatorship” and in June retweeted a post reading: “Nigel Farage wants American-style Insurance based Health Care in the UK. The Brexit Party is NOT the party of the Working Class”.

Following the lead of his son, Graves Snr. himself retweeted numerous anti-Brexit Party posts, including one that called the party “a one man band that makes bad decisions”.

More disturbingly, HOPE not hate has also discovered that the Graves pair were active supporters of Carl Benjamin, while the far-right figure was running to be a UKIP Member of European Parliament.

In April Graves Snr. posted Benjamin’s content online, and Graves Jr. described Benjamin as a “good guy”. You will remember that Benjamin drew notoriety for discussing whether or not he would rape Labour MP Jess Phillips.

The Brexit Party has welcomed a wide array of nasty, unsuitable candidates. We’re looking forward to their imminent demise.

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