Brexit Party candidate admits he’s a former Remain-supporting Labour member

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The new Brexit Party candidate for Montgomeryshire, Oliver Lewis, has confessed to a local newspaper that he used to be a Labour member, and backed Remain until “just before the referendum.”


Lewis, who’s studying for a Doctorate at the University of Oxford, told Powys County Times that he was a Remain supporter and “[sympathises] still with some arguments for Remain.”

He also admitted that he’d been a card-carrying member of both Labour and the Conservatives, before joining Nigel Farage’s ranks.

Lewis claims that he now supports Brexit, above all else, because “the decision by 56.5% of Montgomeryshire’s electorate to leave the European Union must be respected and implemented if democracy is to mean anything.”

However, if Lewis really wants to reflect the views of Montgomeryshire, he should probably think about making another Brexit U-turn. A YouGov poll last year found that 54.1% of the constituency supports a second referendum to decide whether we should leave or not.

Lewis might regret throwing away his EU flag after all.

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