Another Brexit Party candidate exposed for comparing Muslims to Nazis

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For the second time in as many days, it has been revealed that a new Brexit Party candidate has compared Muslims to Nazis.


Norman Nickason, the newly-announced Brexit Party candidate for Kettering, posted a comment on Facebook saying that Britain doesn’t have to change its culture for Muslims, in the same way that we didn’t have to change our culture for the Nazis.

This post was uncovered by the Twitter page Mates Jacob and sent to the Brexit Party with the message “must try harder”.

It comes after we yesterday reported that Wendy Garcarz, the Brexit Party candidate for Birmingham Erdington, had shared a post on Facebook saying that Muslims are “rampaging across the globe” and “threatening our way of life”, like the Nazis.

Last week, Mates Jacob also revealed that John Booker, the party’s candidate for Penistone and Stocksbridge, had posted a Facebook status in April 2017 saying that America was “cutting its own throat” by “not fighting back” against the spread of Islam.

As we have repeated in every one of these posts: it seems absurd that Nigel Farage is welcoming parliamentary candidates with overtly anti-Muslim views, given he claimed at the time that he left UKIP because of its anti-Muslim “fixation”. An explanation is surely needed.

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