Brexit Party candidate openly admitted being anti-Semitic, and said “the BNP are right”

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A Brexit Party candidate has a history of posting shocking, bigoted comments online, it has been revealed.


Marc Stanton, the party’s candidate in West Lancashire, has been outed for making a series of deeply offensive Facebook posts in 2014.

In one, Stanton comments on the Israel-Palestine conflict by saying: “having just watched the latest news about Gaza, I can’t say I am a fan of fanatical Islam, but I sure as hell am antisemitic now.”

In another, the Brexit Party candidate comments on an article from the satirical news website NewsThump, about a boy becoming an Islamic militant after eating Halal meat. Stanton responds by saying, “see, the BNP are right.”

Stanton claims he was subtly mocking the BNP’s stance on the issue, though Nigel Farage’s candidate is not exactly a champion of Muslim rights, and nor does he display much subtlety.

In one post, he spreads the conspiracy theory that “Sharia law will become very welcome in Britain,” and in another he says: “it would appear that wearing headscarves or burkas does not stop you being gang raped and hung from a tree.” No source is provided by Stanton for these comments.


In response to the posts, that were exposed by the blog totalcitizen, Stanton admitted that the language he had used was “appalling”, claiming that “the comments were made years ago, at the end of a tiring day, and on a private account.”

He added that: “I honestly believe that everyone is equal and that is what I have always strived to ensure in my daily life.

“My Grandmother was Jewish and so being part Jewish myself, I find it strange that I am being accused of being anti-Semitic and Islamophobic at the same time.”

Rounding off, he said: “It would seem that some of my Facebook posts from several years ago have been taken out of context and in a selective manner for the purpose of trying to cause me a problem.”

All we can say is: you’ve got no one to blame but yourself, Mr Stanton. You shouldn’t have posted them in the first place.

It’s unclear whether Stanton will remain a candidate for the Brexit Party at the upcoming general election.


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