Brexit Party candidate exposed for posting Islamophobia

One of the Brexit Party’s newly-announced MP candidates has shared and liked Islamophobic and social media posts.

John Booker, who is standing in Penistone and Stocksbridge, posted a Facebook status in April 2017 saying that America was “cutting its own throat” by “not fighting back” against the spread of Islam.


The Twitter page MatesJacob looked at Booker’s Facebook page and found multiple instances of Booker liking and sharing anti-Islam messages.

They reveal how Booker, who’s a former UKIP councillor, liked a conspiratorial Facebook comment alleging that Muslims have a plan to “takeover” the world. He also liked a comment calling for violent action against Muslims.

Booker also liked a number of posts complaining about the Somalian heritage of Magid Magid, the former Lord Mayor of Sheffield.

Booker is the second former-UKIP councillor to be announced as a Brexit Party parliamentary candidate. The other, Allen Cowles, once said it was legitimate for people to be scared of immigrants.

Nigel Farage said he left UKIP because of its anti-Muslim “fixation”. Why, then, is he welcoming anti-Islam candidates into his new party?

The Brexit Party has been approached for comment.

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