Brexit Party candidate said David Lammy is pro-EU because he’s “filled with racist hate for white people”

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A new Brexit Party MP candidate once accused David Lammy of supporting the EU because he’s racist against white people.

Posting on Twitter in February this year, James Bush, the prospective parliamentary candidate for Lichfield, replied to a tweet from the prominent Labour backbencher, saying:

James Bush is a chemical engineer and a Christian. He runs a blog called Brexit Information and was previously a member of the Conservative Party but left because of a lack of movement on Brexit.

This week, Scram has done the due diligence that Farage apparently hasn’t, and has uncovered a Brexit Party candidate suggesting that the death penalty should be reinstated for Jeremy Corbyn, and that three have shared Islamophobic comments online.

Implying David Lammy and the EU are anti-white in one fell swoop is as bizarre as it is offensive. So far, the Brexit Party hasn’t taken action against any of these candidates.

5 responses to “Brexit Party candidate said David Lammy is pro-EU because he’s “filled with racist hate for white people”

  1. The comment about David Lammy is spot on. After the Grenfell tradgedy I heard him asking for a “black” judge to oversee the inquiry….Why?

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