Brexit Party candidate tweets support for far-right figure Tommy Robinson

The Brexit Party’s candidate for Slough has tweeted her support for far-right hate figure Tommy Robinson, we can reveal.

Posting on the social media platform last Thursday, Delphine Gray-Fisk addressed the conflict between Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (known as Tommy Robinson), and former BBC Newsnight journalist John Sweeney.


Sweeney had attempted to make a documentary for BBC Panorama about Yaxley-Lennon, but it was cancelled after the far-right figure covertly filmed Sweeney and made a “rival” video.

Sweeney recently left the BBC, announcing his departure by calling Yaxley-Lennon a “c*nt”.

However, the Brexit Party candidate for Slough clearly doesn’t side with Sweeney, as she praised Yaxley-Lennon on Twitter for exposing the journalist’s alleged “scheming and lying”.

Gray-Fisk, who previously stood for UKIP in multiple general elections (including against Boris Johnson in 2005), has also posted some pretty horrific views about the recent London Bridge terror attack.

Commenting on Jeremy Corbyn’s policy on terrorism sentences, she said that it is designed to “win the Muslim vote”. Corbyn says that people sentenced to terrorism-related offences should not necessarily serve their full prison term.

So, the Brexit Party candidate is essentially saying that Muslims will vote for Labour, because it has a more liberal approach to terrorism sentencing. In turn, this surely implies that a large proportion of Muslims are terrorist sympathisers?

And in turns out that Gray-Fisk’s comments on Islam are in step with many other Brexit Party candidates. We have reported that a number of Nigel Farage’s PPCs have posted Islamophobic remarks online – the majority of whom haven’t been sanctioned.

We don’t expect anything different in this case.

Delphine Gray-Fisk has been approached for comment.