Brexit Party MP candidate shares post claiming female Labour MPs are “intellectually challenged”

A Brexit Party MP candidate has shared a tweet suggesting that female Labour MPs are “especially intellectually challenged”.

David Blake, parliamentary candidate for Huntingdon, retweeted a post earlier today arguing that Labour MPs are “intellectually challenged”, “especially the women”.

The post shared a link to a speech Jess Phillips made in Parliament last week, and read:

It comes amid growing evidence of some Brexit Party candidates sharing offensive content online, including Islamophobic tweets. Despite these revelations, Brexit Party figures have claimed they have signed a letter promising “to pursue the highest standards in public life”.

Retweeting this misogyny is just the latest example of a Brexit Party candidate not pursuing the highest standards in public life.

Last week, Dan Day-Robinson, another Brexit Party MP candidate, also said that his party are “modern suffragettes”. Meanwhile, Martin Daubney, Brexit Party MEP for the West Midlands has called feminism a “pointless distraction”.

It seems that some members of the Brexit Party are “especially” “challenged” by women in positions of power.

3 responses to “Brexit Party MP candidate shares post claiming female Labour MPs are “intellectually challenged”

  1. This so called party needs to took to court they act and behave like cavemen towards women they’re self serving fools shut that scum party down out with the need it cavemen party

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