Brexit Party candidate is former Boris champion who claims schools “indoctrinate” young people

The Brexit Party’s newly-announced general election candidate for Broxtowe is a former Boris Johnson fan who’s accused schools of indoctrinating young people with left-wing views, we can reveal.

Yesterday, the Brexit Party announced that Calvin Robinson is the party’s new PPC for Broxstowe, East Midlands.


During the recent Tory leadership contest, that concluded just a few months ago, Robinson wrote an article for the website Conservative Progress, entitled: “Why I’m Backing Boris Johnson for leader”.

In the piece, the former Tory activist lauds Johnson’s “eccentricity and unabashed patriotism,” which he says “would do us wonders on the world stage.”

Robinson continues by hailing Johnson’s record as London Mayor, before boldly asserting that he “is a politician with principles.”

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It seems as though Robinson’s “principles” are commensurate to Johnson’s, given that he has now ditched his hero and jumped on Nigel Farage’s bandwagon.

But Robinson is no stranger to controversy. A teacher, he fronted a major recruitment drive for the Department for Education, despite having accused schools of “indoctrinating” pupils “from a very young age”.

Writing shortly after the result of the EU referendum, Robinson said he was “not at all surprised that the majority of young people voted in line with a left-wing agenda to remain in the undemocratic, or even anti-democratic European Union.”

He added: “Schools have been grooming children towards this decision for years.”

Yes: “grooming”.

Robinson proudly references a number of reports about these indoctrination accusations on his personal website, including an article from the far-right site Breitbart.

Fortunately it doesn’t look as though the Brexit Party will win any seats at the general election. But, if they did, it would be a f*cking scary prospect.