Revealed: Brexit Party candidate backed US banning Muslim family from Disneyland

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A newly announced Brexit Party parliamentary candidate backed the US authorities’ decision to stop a British Muslim family from boarding a flight to Disneyland, it can be revealed.


Marlene Godwin, a Brexit Party parliamentary candidate for Eastleigh, tweeted a link to a 2015 story in which Homeland Security officials banned a Muslim family from boarding a flight from Gatwick to Los Angeles without explanation.

Godwin accompanied the story with: “I can’t blame USA for not letting Muslim family travel to Disney [sic]”.

The family she commented on were travelling on holiday and had been granted travel authorisation online ahead of their flight. The family of eleven, including nine children, had planned to visit cousins in southern California and go to Disneyland and Universal Studios.

At the time, aides to the then-prime minister David Cameron said that he would examine the case, while Labour MP Stella Creasy warned of “a growing problem” with Muslims being barred from the US.

This is the latest in a series of Islamophobia issues faced by Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. Scram has revealed:

  • That a candidate has links to a party with anti-Islam policies.
  • One candidate posted a Facebook status saying that America was “cutting its own throat” by “not fighting back” against the spread of Islam.
  • A candidate shared a post saying that, like the Nazis, Muslims are “rampaging across the globe” and “threatening our way of life”.
  • One candidate compared Muslims to the Nazis.
  • Another candidate has spread conspiracy theories about a Muslim Congresswoman.
  • A member of the Brexit Party press team claimed that Islam has a “rape culture” problem.

Despite this, the party maintains that it takes “decisive action” against racism and is “committed to fighting bigotry”.

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