The Brexit Party have launched an “online TV channel” and it’s absolutely awful

Following the launch of its “newspaper” just over a week ago, the Brexit Party has expanded its propaganda efforts by today launching an “online TV” (i.e. YouTube) channel.

“BrexBox” is the spectacularly cringeworthy name for this TV channel, which will be hosted by former TV presenter and now-Brexit Party MEP David Bull.


The first episode opens with Belinda de Lucy, also a Brexit Party MEP, telling the camera that: “Instead of relying on our friends in the media to give us a fair hearing, we thought we’d take matters into our own hands.”

MEPs Martin Daubney and Louis Stedman-Bryce also feature in the first episode – the latter promising that “BrexBox” will provide “some mischief”.

Kill me now.

All four MEPs are sat in front of a pint of beer, despite the fact they seem to be recording in the middle of the day.

If you want to cringe so hard that your skin peels off, we’d recommend watching the first minute:

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12 responses to “The Brexit Party have launched an “online TV channel” and it’s absolutely awful

  1. Yes, but what are they going to talk about in Episode 2? How much can you say about Brexit once you’ve got past ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Can’t see too many people wanting to watch a bunch of nobodies discussing their feelings and talking about themselves week after week.

      1. How’s Trump’s arse tasting, Brexitphil? I hope you like the taste o’ his waste, because you ordered it, and by heck Boris is going to make you eat it.

  2. Greetings I am a supporter of your party .im finding it unreal I know the bbc are remain all the rubbish they expect the people to swallow it’s so obvious to me I’m an average bloke Iv kids and grandchildren.its starting to disgust me to be honest sir Kim what an idiot it ought to have stuck to zoo ology if that’s his field who is this guy . I’m retired these days and an observer the more I see the more it disgust me thank goodness your party came along that stands for true democracy I voted for my independents in my local election and they won for my local council I think in a general election I’d vote for you and many other people around hear would I see a golden opportunity for your party around me keep the momentum going both labour and Tory voters are a shall we say feed up with the lot of them regards Jeff

    1. Personally I’m quite fond of the odd half-pounder.
      That’s where you have 2 paties isn’t it?
      Kwitter speulink, never fails to amuse.

  3. Nothing changed. More abuse and awful grammar, punctuation and spelling from foaming at the mouth leavers who won’t admit they’ll not get what they want.

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