Brexit Party big donor called Greta Thunberg a “nutjob” conspiracy theorist

One of the big donors backrolling the Brexit Party called climate activist Greta Thunberg a “nutjob” conspiracy theorist, it can be revealed.

George Farmer (left), son of a Conservative member of the House of Lords, has given £100,000 to the Brexit Party war chest, and is one of the party’s biggest donors.


On 11th September, Farmer (who also founded the controversial pro-Trump student group Turning Point UK) sent out a tweet about Thunberg, who was set to join a climate protest in Washington DC. The Brexit Party donor responded by saying that Thunberg would fit in among the other “nutjobs” who stand outside the White House “telling us that world leaders are all secret lizards”.

Farmer is a close ally of Nigel Farage, and the Brexit Party leader recently attended Farmer’s wedding.

Therefore, it’s unsurprising that climate change denial is prevalent among Brexit Party candidates for the next general election. Indeed, one of the party’s candidates is the “author” Richard Milton, who claims the science behind climate change is “manipulated”.

Farage himself has also claimed that children are “indoctrinated” at school to believe in climate change.

As thousands of people take to the streets today to protest about the environment, it’s clear the Brexit Party is – once again – on the wrong side of a major political issue.

13 responses to “Brexit Party big donor called Greta Thunberg a “nutjob” conspiracy theorist

  1. Play the man not the ball.

    Kids in Australia don’t know the location of the coal mine they hate, and some of them think the company is building a railway in Sydney.

    80 percent of letters of protest against the mine live in the extremely wealthy area of the North Shore if Sydney, and every one of the letters were exactly the same.

    You do not understand the harm you are doing to the minds of children.

  2. When you get past the fact that these climate people are now using kids as human shields. You can stick to the facts ie Thunberg is a nutjob and they the climate nutjobs have dropped to an even lower level.

    1. Kids being brainwashed just grown ups wanting to protest about something perhaps working could be an option for you instead of preventing people getting to their jobs

  3. Tell all the children walk to and from the rally, to school, stop using cars, ride a bike, no more air flights, just stop. Stop wearing make, remember the olive trees, 70% goes to make up, to grow the trees the are cutting down forests. Wear cloths made from cotton, flex, wool, all types of animal skins, fur, silks, stop wearing clothes made from artificial materials most derived from oil products. Get a spade dig and grow your own produce. I could go on, you are big boys and girls now, stop asking others to do something when you burn the planet. Stop being hypocrites.

  4. I was at the climate strike in my town yesterday and came back on the bus with several school kids. Unfortunately their uniforms are not made of natural fibres. It is not just down to individuals; that’s how the people who have their heads firmly in the sand are trying to put us down. Is the Arctic not melting? Haven’t we just had weather in the high 30sC in the UK? Are people not dying because of drought, floods and hurricanes? And are carbon levels not at their highest ever and rising? At the same time as humans are still burning fossil fuel in a way that will ensure we have no tomorrow? Greta Thunberg and all of us who went out yesterday are the sane people who look the facts in the face. It is insanity to ignore what’s happening.

  5. Financially nations cannot afford to change that quickly, jobs, business, and taxes would have to be hyped, it has to be done at pace nations can absorb. Without that speed would create more problems than nations can cope with. A sensible, approach, and not mob rule to get what they want. Will achieve nothing.

  6. Britain is doing its best on climate change but its a drop in the Ocean if India China USA Poland & all countries still burn coal if the whole world doesnt do it its a waste of efford & we dont need a kid whos parentd have spurred her on to lecture us

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