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Brexit Party at war as MEPs slam their resigning colleagues

The Brexit Party’s inner turmoil has continued, as their remaining MEPs have slammed four former colleagues who resigned today.

Writing on Twitter, Alexandra Phillips called the resigning politicians “glory hunters”, adding:


“There‚Äôs a trend in Glory Hunter politicians switching parties to meet fashion with no recourse to the voter. These 4 spat in the face of Tories when they were getting slammed in EU Elex [sic] under PR but shamelessly crawl back as FPTP screws smaller parties. ZERO principle.”

She claimed that Lance Forman had attempted to plug his firm’s products during the press conference in which he announced his resignation, and that Lucy Harris should resign from European Parliament entirely.

This comes after four Brexit Party MEPs resigned from the party today, fearing that the Brexit Party will split the Leave vote at the general election.

The MEPs, Lance Forman, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, Lucy Harris and John Longworth joined two Brexit Party MEPs, Andrew England-Kerr and Louis Stedman-Bryce who have previously left the party. This has stripped the Brexit Party of its status as the European Parliament’s largest party, and leaves Farage with no MEPs with double barrelled names. A sad day.

Fellow MEP June Mummery slammed Lucy Harris for her resignation, saying:

“Lucy, if you had turned up to work in Brussels and spent time with other MEPs rather than promoting your own career you would know that Mr Johnson’s deal is not good for the fishing industry.”

And asked whether the defectors would resign as MEPs, Ben Habib implied that they should. He said: “I don’t know. Best ask them. I know they all thought Anna Soubry should stand again for election when she crossed the floor.”

He added: “My fellow MEPs are wrong again to trust Boris, as would be the nation.”

But Brexit Party figures are not the only ones to have commented on the decision. Caroline Voaden, leader of the Liberal Democrat MEPs said: “This is confirmation, if needed, that the Tory party and the Brexit Party are now one and the same”.



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