Brexit Party wasting money on anti-Labour Facebook ads in Speaker’s constituency

The Brexit Party is running a Facebook ad campaign targeted at voters in Chorley, despite the seat being held by Lindsay Hoyle, the newly-elected Speaker of the House of Commons, Scram News can reveal.

The Brexit Party had previously announced that, as per convention, they would not be running a candidate against Lindsay Hoyle, who was previously a Labour MP. The speaker sits as an independent MP, for obvious reasons.


Labour, the Conservatives, and the Lib Dems are also not running.

Nevertheless, Farage’s party yesterday launched an ad campaign targeting leave voters in the constituency, which voted in favour of Brexit by 57% to 43% in 2016.

The Brexit Party’s candidate was to be Mark Smith, who was announced in August.

However, Smith has now said that he is going to run after all as an independent Brexiteer.

Given that the Brexit Party isn’t standing in the constituency, and neither is Labour, the ads are nothing less than an epic waste of money.

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