Brexit chief negotiator Michel Barnier likes tweet calling Jeremy Corbyn a “notorious racist”

The European Union’s Chief Negotiator has appeared to like a tweet calling Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn a “notorious racist”.

Posting about yesterday’s turgid leadership debate between Corbyn and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Guido Fawkes shitposter-in-chief Tom Harwood tweeted a “joke” to lighten the mood.


He posted a picture of Johnson and Corbyn on stage and said: “It’s a bit questionable that Boris shared a platform tonight with a notorious racist. Serious questions should be raised.”

However, this comedic masterclass took an unusual turn, when Harwood’s tweet was “liked” by Michel Barnier – the person who has been in charge of the EU’s Brexit negotiations for the past three and a half years.

It’s unclear at this stage why exactly Barnier liked the tweet – whether it was the act of a rogue intern, whether he didn’t understand Harwood’s joke, or whether he simply agrees with Harwood about the Labour leader.

Whatever the reason, this is a bit embarrassing for Corbyn, given he claims a Labour government would be able to rapidly renegotiate a new Brexit deal with a compliant European Union…

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